Here Are Some Recent Online Reviews

Paul Saunders Photography has over 1,000 five-star reviews online at WEDDING WIRE and The Knot. We're beyond delighted with this achievement as that's more top reviews than any other photography company in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont or anywhere else in New England. With each couple we work for, our goal is to be prepared, work hard and keep everything simple and worry-free. We always say to couples, your job is to do absolutely nothing on your wedding day and enjoy everything. Our job is to make you delighted.

Once you have a chance to look through everything, let me know if I can help with any questions. I would love the opportunity to have a phone call at your convenience. I'm available most days (Sunday through Thursday) from 1-10pm EST. Let me know what day/time works best for you when you’re ready.

Here are some recent online reviews...

Wow. Our wedding in The Catskills was so amazing, and I must thank you for your incredible work and dedication. I was so impressed that from the moment you arrived until when you left (later than scheduled), you were always capturing the action. You were such a significant part of our whole team of people working with us.  I can't thank you enough for how you stepped in to coordinate things with the DJ, with our venue staff, and others to make sure everyone was in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. Additionally, you were so understanding of the different dynamics (the old, the older, the oldest, the divorced, the quiet, and the loud) we had going on. I think you worked the hardest out of everyone and I just can't appreciate enough how great a job you did. I know that you probably do so many of these events that they all blur together, and most are probably indistinct, but your dedication will always stand out in my memory of the day. You were simply amazing. Thank you, Paul, on behalf of Olivia and myself. Matt & Olivia Wedding 7/27/2019 Oliva & Matt's Lyne Acres wedding previews (7/27/2019)

We couldn't have chosen a better photographer for our wedding at Water’s Edge Lighthouse. Paul was efficient, professional, and had a great sense of humor. He kept us laughing the entire day and made everything so stress-free. We just got our sneak peeks (two days after our wedding) and we are SO EXCITED to see the rest of our photos as they are incredibly beautiful! We decided not to do a first look and were worried at first about not making our cocktail hour, but Paul worked his magic and we had almost a half hour left to spare after all of our photos were done! We can't thank Paul enough for the wonderful work he has done. I will recommend him 10 out of 10 times to anyone looking for a photographer who will remember little details, is friendly, professional, and so amazingly affordable!!!!!! Thank you so much, Paul, for making our wedding experience flawless and beyond anything we hoped for!! Megan & Thomas Wedding 7/12/2019 Megan & Tommy's wedding previews

Paul is simply amazing and a wonderful photographer. He makes the day light and funny, his personality is amazing. He knew all my family’s name which was impressive! We received teaser shots right after our wedding and they are breath taking! He is definitely someone I would hire over and over! His pictures are so beautiful, and I could not have asked for a better person to have shot our wedding!! All my family and friends were amazed by Paul and how incredibly helpful and kind he was! Everyone kept saying we love your photographer! I cannot express how much thanks we give to you! Ashley & Andrew Wedding 7/7/2019 Ashley & Andrew's wedding previews

Paul was amazing to work with. He has such great attention to little details you wouldn’t notice which makes his pictures that much better. He was so fun to be around and respected our time and got amazing shots without us missing any part of our wedding celebration. We love all the teasers he sent right after our day. Everyone at the wedding was complimenting him and how nice he was! Highly recommend! Idil & Matt Wedding 7/6/2019

We hired Paul for our wedding at Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake and he was absolutely great! Extremely friendly, professional, and comforting through our day! We were very anxious, and he really tried to reassure us that the wedding was going to be beautiful; that everything would go smoothly and to focus on the moments and enjoy things. All of our guests gave us compliments about hiring Paul, everyone thought he was amazing! Such beautiful pictures too! He had great ideas for poses, he takes the time to really make sure you’re comfortable at all times. He also doesn't want you to lose any time at your own wedding, he made sure we were able to attend cocktail hour and enjoy the hors d'oeuvre. He takes the time to talk to you beforehand about the wedding, learn people's names, what kind of pictures we are interested in, etc. He makes sure he is fully prepared for the wedding. He had all the timing down, and communicated with the venue, DJ, and us very well throughout our wedding. It was such a team effort! My husband and I recommend hiring Paul for any event, especially your wedding as he is amazing!! Debbie & Travis Wedding 6/30/2019 Debbie & Travis's wedding previews (6/30/2019) 

Paul was amazing to work with from start to finish. He took the time to get to know everyone’s names from family to bridal party and knew exactly what photos to take. He was great at staying on schedule and made the experience very easy and enjoyable. We’ve received a few preview pictures right after our wedding and they are beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a great photographer who is super-friendly! Madeleine & Andrew Wedding 6/29/2019 Madeleine & Andrew's wedding previews

You’d be hard pressed to find another photographer who works as hard as Paul. Paul was running around from start (at 11 am) to finish (at almost 9!) getting the perfect shots as well as cute candids we’ll cherish forever. Working with Paul is easy, he does all of the hard work for you. We live out of state and Paul was always available by phone or email to answer our questions, calm our nerves and to provide excellent recommendations for vendors, from pianists to videographers. When we were in town, Paul always made it a point to open up a spot in his schedule to meet with us and made us feel like we were truly his most important clients. If you’re looking for a photographer who puts his clients first, makes you feel immediately at ease, and takes brilliant photos, look no further than Paul. We recommend him so highly that my sister even booked him for her wedding next May, he really is a great photographer, and person, to work with. Maddi & Jackson Wedding 6/22/2019 Maddi & Jackson's wedding previews

Paul was wonderful! Throughout the whole process, he was very responsive and provided helpful suggestions along the way. In our pre-wedding prep call, he asked all the questions to understand the photos we wanted (and didn’t want) and the feel we were going for. On the day of, he remembered everyone’s name (the wedding party, immediate family, and our grandparents!) and provided great direction that kept the pictures moving without us feeling rushed. He was a calm, positive and happy energy on the day of and really helped make our day special. I was nervous about not having a second shooter, advice I had received from friends and family, but Paul did not miss one thing. When he says he can capture it all just himself, he means it! The quality of Paul’s work is just as great as his work ethic and personality. The photos are beautiful and his attention to detail is amazing. He knows how to set up a great photo and ensure everyone and every detail in the photo look good. Lastly, the value for the cost of Paul as your photographer is untouchable. Not only is his work high quality, his packages include more photos than most photographers and a ton of additional items that other photographers charge you extra for (online viewing, albums, printouts, etc.). I cannot recommend Paul enough! Elise & Thomas Wedding 6/15/2019 Elise & Thomas's wedding previews

Paul was awesome! He was on top of things and helped the day progress seamlessly. He is so detail-oriented and focuses on making the day exactly what we wanted it to be. We were running very late on our wedding day (we got married at Canfield Casino) and he helped us get beautiful photos and make up for lost time. He was truly a blessing and took the most gorgeous photos at an incredibly reasonable price. Everyone we spoke to about our wedding told us that we were lucky to have him because he was the best... and they weren't lying!! I would give him a thousand stars if I could! Thank you Paul!! Alicia & Gabe Wedding 6/8/2019 Alicia & Gabe's wedding previews

Paul was an amazing photographer! We booked him for an engagement shoot as well as for our wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion, and he was so wonderful to us. He did a great job of making us feel calm and comfortable and was constantly giving us great advice and encouragement the whole way through. We're not used to having our photo taken, but Paul made us feel like professionals and look like models. He was great at organizing everyone for photos and keeping everyone running to schedule without us being rushed. Thank you so much Paul for making our day perfect! Cathy & Carl Wedding 5/31/2019 Cathy & Carl's wedding previews

Paul has been fantastic throughout the wedding planning process into our actual big day. Every time we spoke to Paul, he was able to recount a fact about us or our families which showed a lot of attentiveness. We got married at Greywacke Meadows and the day of he had memorized everyone's names! Paul was flexible, accommodating, and really understood our vision. He is also very passionate about photography and put so much work into getting a great shot - our wedding party is still talking about seeing Paul up in the trees trying to get a perfect aerial shot! I would 10000000% recommended Paul to anyone who wants a laid-back, professional. We love all our teaser shots that Paul sent right after our wedding and so thankful we had Paul for both our winter engagement shoot and wedding as he gave us just an AMAZING experience!!! Monica & Joe Wedding 5/26/2019 Monica & Joe's wedding previews

What can I say about Paul Saunders Photography? Paul was truly an amazing photographer to work with. From the moment I met him, I knew that he wanted only the best for my husband (still getting used to hearing that!) and me. He was knowledgeable, willing to listen, and wanted nothing more than to give us beautiful pictures to remember one of the most important days of our lives. When we finally sat down with Paul to discuss booking him, he made us feel incredibly comfortable and it was more like talking with an old friend than a wedding vendor! Once we booked our wedding date, his professionalism and caring nature continued. He was quick with email responses (and trust me...there were a lot of emails sent in our almost 2-year engagement!) and put me at ease on more than one occasion. What sticks out in my mind was the open communication we had with Paul. I was truly touched when he called me the week of my wedding to finalize our timeline, ask for names of our family members and bridal party and discuss any last-minute questions I may have had. He truly made my husband and I feel as though we didn't need to worry about anything...he had it covered! The day of our wedding was exactly as we planned, and Paul only added to that. He was funny, friendly, took charge, and made everyone feel completely comfortable. In fact, we heard nothing but compliments about Paul from our family, friends, bridal party, etc. (all things we already knew of course). He made our wedding day spectacular in Nassau. Finally, Paul surprised me once more by sending us preview pictures of our wedding only a few days after we got married. I knew he was amazing, but I wasn't expecting these previews so quickly and again, they were beautiful and better than I could have ever expected. To summarize, Paul is absolutely amazing. He is a spectacular photographer and has truly mastered his craft. He is dedicated, caring, funny, down to earth - a truly wonderful and caring person. Your wedding day will be amazing and by booking Paul Saunders Photography, you will book a phenomenal photographer and will have the most beautiful pictures to remember such a momentous and happy occasion for years to come. Alicia & Alex Wedding 5/25/2019 Alicia & Alex's wedding previews

Paul became a member of our party by the end of the night. We got married at Longfellows in Saratoga and I provided him with our family trees, and he was able to call people into shots by name, without assistance. He made everyone feel a part of the process. Not only did get make his way around our party to get every shot, he also provided reassurance and comfort during some extremely stressful moments prior to our reception. These simple comments and compliments went a long way. I felt like he became my wedding planner and coordinator by the end of the night as he took charge and lead everyone in the right direction. I highly recommend Paul; not only did my husband and I love working with him, but our guests continue to comment on how amazing our photographer was! Micaela & Carl Wedding 5/17/2019 Micaela & Carl's wedding previews

Paul Saunders is quite simply the best. Paul is truly a wedding professional who quickly got the feel of my daughter's wedding. He explains things that happen during the wedding day and make many valuable recommendations to help make thing run smoothly. Paul makes it abundantly clear that he and all the other venders that your hire work for you. You should tell them what you want, not the other way around. Our wedding and reception pictures were outstanding. Additionally, he made sure the bridal party and their parents all got to enjoy the cocktail hour while still taking all the necessary family group photographs. Trust me, this guy is the photographer to hire. Not to mention, he is an absolute wealth of information about all facets of the wedding day. We couldn’t possibly be happier with everything. Russ & Natalie (parents of bride) Wedding 5/11/2019

Paul was communicative throughout our wedding planning process. He immediately got a feel for the style of our wedding and embraced it and integrated it into which shots he prioritized. He asked us which photos we wanted to capture and helped us to create a realistic photo timeline for our wedding day. In the midst of the busyness of wedding planning, it was great to work with someone who we knew would bring his all to the table and who we could 100% rely on. The value for the number of hours (we hired Paul for 12 hours) that he spent with us on our wedding day was excellent compared to the other photographers that we researched, but we never felt like we were sacrificing on quality or professionalism to get such a good deal. Paul was also very good at organizing our large families and wedding party for group photos, which made capturing those shots much less stressful then if he hadn’t been a strong leader. Our beach photos are simply gorgeous, and we couldn’t be happier with how the day went. Thanks Paul Saunders Photography! Carla & Eugenio Wedding 4/13/2019

Paul was great to work with for our wedding! He came with some great ideas and made me feel completely at ease with the whole process. He's also got a LOT of patience and kindness as my family photos went from just my mom and brother to a whole flock of extended family members I wasn't expecting to show up and they all wanted pictures. Thanks for everything and our beautiful previews pictures we received on our honeymoon. Vassana and Pat Wedding 4/7/2019.

Paul was an amazing photographer to work with from start to finish for our wedding in Syracuse. He was very detailed and took the stress out of what could have been a very stressful planning session with making our timeline work, so we weren’t rushed. On the day of the wedding, he was perfect being both a fun person for our entire (huge 34 person) wedding party to work with and encouraging us to be our complete selves. Everything went perfectly and I would recommend Paul to anyone. We received preview pictures the day after and just blown away by these Thank you Paul for your amazing work! Justine & Bobby Wedding 3/30/2019

I had hired Paul right after meeting him. He was very professional and personable. He was so helpful and helped plan all the details of my wedding. Any questions I had he would respond so quickly and efficiently and made everything so easy. The pictures came out beautiful. During our wedding (we got married at Key Hall), he did everything possible to help make sure we had a worry-day experience and weren’t rushed with anything. He has the perfect personality for this. I’d hire Paul again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for awesome pictures and an awesome photographer, he is your guy! Stephanie & Will Wedding 1/25/2019

I could not have made a better decision when picking a photographer for our Vermont wedding. Paul was absolutely amazing to work with from beginning to end. He always got back to me same day when it came to emails and his enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious. He worked so well with all of the wedding party including our parents / family and even remembered everyone's names. He also did a great job working with the young kids that we had and got a lot of pictures of them which was really important to me. He went above and beyond by helping out with smaller items such as making sure we didn't forget the ring box and helping the guys pin on their boutonniere's. He made sure that we got all of the pictures we wanted and even helped recreate a couple of photos from my parents wedding. He was amazing (with our engagement shoot too) and would choose him every time. Highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography to anyone looking for a great photographer! Sarah & Chris Wedding 3/2/2019

So far, we have only met Paul twice, on our original consultation and again two weeks ago for our engagement photos. He is so professional and attentive, and the accent! He was also so flexible when our schedule required rebooking our engagement shoot 3 times. He came to the shoot and remembered that my engagement ring diamond came from my fiancé’s grandmother's wedding ring - despite us telling him that over a year ago! We could not believe it! He made our shoot so fun and easy-going despite the cold weather and welcomed our own ideas of pictures we loved. We love ALL our pictures and cannot wait for Paul to shoot us on our wedding day!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Monica & Joe Wedding 5/26/2019

Paul was absolutely wonderful! We got married at Glen Sanders Mansion and he made the entire day perfect, fun and full of laughs. Even people who don't like having their picture taken had a blast with Paul as he made everything so easy! Can't wait to show everyone our amazing pictures!! Erin & Pat Wedding 12/1/2018

Paul shot our wedding Thanksgiving weekend 2018 in Albany. How much fun he is! I loved his upbeat and fun personality! He didn’t miss a beat! Every time someone was taking a photo on their own, he was right there to take a professional one as well! I'm not one to know what to do for pictures and am always worried how they will look, I never once had that worry with Paul. He was beyond fabulous! I was also extremely impressed by his memory! He had found out the names of all groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearers, flower girl, and important family member and friends two days prior to the wedding and the day of the wedding he knew EVERYONES name byheart!! (my wedding party alone consist of seven groomsmen, seven bridesmaids, two ring bearers and one flower girl! not to mention parents and grandparents and significant others and siblings!). Paul is absolutely phenomenal! Kayleigh & Ryan Wedding 11/24/2018

Paul was everything we could've asked for in a photographer! You can tell in every conversation you have with him that he truly cares about what he does, and he really cares about each couple he meets. He exceeded every expectation I had, and (being as my fiancé and I had never had professional photos taken like this before) he made us feel completely comfortable and able to show true emotion in each pose. He perfectly captures every moment and we couldn't be more thrilled with how your engagement photos came out. We'll be recommending you to everyone with a photo need, Paul! Thank you so much! Sam &Tyler Wedding 9/14/2019

Paul was FANTASTIC! We ended up doing our outdoor engagement shoot on the coldest day ever, but Paul managed to get amazing photos that didn’t make us look like we were frozen and turning blue. We were so impressed with how many great shots he got in so short a time. He was extremely flexible with timing and location and had tons of great ideas. Neither of us are big into having our picture taken, but Paul made us feel very comfortable and made it a positive experience. Included in our shoot were some prints and a lovely canvas that is now hanging in our living room. We can’t wait to see what amazing shots he’ll get at our Saratoga wedding in August when he won’t have to battle the elements as much! Lindsay & Kyle Wedding 8/23/2019

Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with! Throughout our planning process, Paul was always quick to respond to any questions we had and sent along very detailed information. We didn’t have to worry about anything. On our wedding day, he was so professional and amazing with time management as we were ahead of schedule all day. We even got pictures after church at a park in downtown Boston and still got to enjoy all our cocktail hour. Thanks to Paul keeping everything moving, we were able to get even more pictures than we anticipated without feeling rushed! We would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a very friendly and wonderful professional to work with. Thank you so much, Paul!! UPDATE: Although long overdue, we’d like you to have this extra ‘bonus’ as Andy and I cannot thank you enough for everything that you did to capture the beauty of our wedding day in Boston. We truly appreciate all of the time, effort, and constant communication throughout the entire planning process. From start to finish, we knew we made the best choice to have you as our photographer. The bridal party, and all our guests, absolutely loved your professionalism and approach with everything. Every time we look through our pictures, we are reminded how lucky we were to have such an amazing day. They are even better than we ever could have envisioned! We are so grateful and love that we can relive our wedding day through the amazing pictures. You are truly an incredibly talented photographer, and a real pleasure to have worked with. Thank you so much. Stefanie & Andrew Wedding 11/17/2018

From my first meeting with Paul roughly two years ago to our wedding, he was kind, professional, and all around great! Through a few emails and a phone call or two, Paul took the time to get to know us in effort to get the best shots possible on our wedding day. Paul shot our wedding at The Century House on 11/3, and he did such a great job getting all the shots we wanted and some we didn’t even know we wanted! He is a mastermind and truly an artist. Paul really took the time to get to know everyone in our bridal party and even knew names of all our family. He was extremely organized and very direct in a super-friendly way! He definitely knows what he is doing! We are so happy with everything. Thank you so so much Paul!!! Nichole & John Wedding 11/3/2018

Paul was an incredibly professional and all-around wonderful photographer. Not only did he get every single shot we requested, and some we didn't that we will cherish forever, he was also able to help both my husband and I remain calm and focused on the reason of the day - to celebrate our love. The pictures came out beautiful and we cannot thank him enough for everything! I would recommend him as a photographer to anyone and everyone! Paul was phenomenal and so easy to work with! Lindsay & Mike Wedding 10/19/2018

Paul was amazing. He not only took beautiful pictures on our wedding day (we got married at The Lodge on Echo Lake) but helped run the show too. Being a typical bride, I was running very late, and Paul was so kind and polite and helped things run so smoothly so we didn’t get stressed. It was like having a second wedding coordinator! He took such amazing photos of my husband and I and that we are in love with. The photo quality is absolutely outstanding and the moments he captured throughout our wedding will live with us forever. I’m so so thankful our venue recommended Paul. He helped make our day perfect!! Caitlin & Michael Wedding 10/14/2018

WOW!!!!!! ALL OUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!! Thank you soooo much Paul!! And thank you for being a part of the best day of our lives!! Also, thanks for the beautiful canvas that just arrived for Christmas. We can’t believe how you managed to capture so many pictures throughout our day at Jimbo’s and we didn’t even know you were there at our reception party. All our family and friends are astonished too with the incredible quality and the way you made everyone laugh. We are obsessed with everything!!!!! Ciara & Dereck Wedding 10/13/2018 

Paul is amazing at what he does. We got married at Greywacke Meadows and he makes sure you feel special and relaxed on your day. He gets the job done and isn’t in your face making things comfortable. He takes all of the photos you need and does a great job doing it. We didn’t feel as if we were in the spotlight and really liked that. We used Paul for both engagement and wedding photos. Would definitely recommend using him as your photographer! Thank you, Paul! Bethany & Kendall Wedding 10/28/2018

Paul is absolutely amazing!! We got married at Jimbo’s in Brant lake and used him for both our engagement shoot and wedding. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. The perfect combination of professional and fun! He makes sure that you are enjoying every minute of your wedding while snapping fabulous photos. He’s not afraid to get down on the ground and roll around in order to get the best shot possible. We are so happy that we chose Paul to be our photographer! One of the best decisions we made!!! Jayme & Andrew Wedding 10/20/2018

Photography is arguably one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. We decided to meet with Paul based on friends' recommendations and knew right away we wanted to work with him for our wedding at Greywacke Meadows. He is warm, full of good ideas, and had a variety of affordable packages we could choose from. On the wedding day, he put the bride at ease right away and made everyone laugh constantly during the obligatory family photos. During the reception, he operated in the background to capture meaningful moments, while also taking requests from us for pictures with certain guests we wanted pictures with. We are very happy with Paul and how easy everything was! Jaime & Craig Wedding 10/5/2018

The photographer is a big part of the wedding day, and it was truly a pleasure having Paul as ours at Fort William Henry. We were initially impressed with his charisma and professionalism in beginning conversations and were impressed again when he took the time to learn family member’s names and relations and was able to quickly put names to faces come our wedding day. This helped him to do a great job in making sure we got all the photos we wanted and kept everything moving right on schedule. He also had great ideas for creative photos and timelines of who should be ready where and when, and he helped coordinate it day of perfectly. Paul really helped maximize our experience by giving us private time while still capturing every moment. Just about everywhere we looked, Paul was there taking photos. We were just able to enjoy our day and let Paul work effectively with the rest of our wedding professionals to have a very organized, stress-free, and most importantly a fun wedding. Thank you, Paul. Ariel & John Wedding 9/29/2018

Enjoying our wedding (we got married at Franklin Plaza) was the most important thing to us and Paul made sure that happened. He knew we didn’t want to pose for a lot of pictures, but wanted the special moments captured as they happened. We got through our family group pictures in no time, so we could enjoy the majority of our cocktail hour and be together with all our guests. Paul was wonderful and made everything very easy and worry-free. UPDATE: Paul, thank you SO MUCH!! We absolutely love all our pictures. Every free moment I have throughout my day is spent looking at these pictures!!! We are astonished how many beautiful moments you captured and cannot thank you enough for everything. We will be sending back selections for our album once we look through them about 100 more times!! Lindsey & Zach Wedding 9/28/2018

Paul was absolutely the perfect match for our lake wedding in Ticonderoga!! He knew exactly what he was doing and made our wedding day completely stress-free despite all the rain. He always responded in a timely manner which can be difficult as we live in North Carolina. I especially love that he knew each family member by name and even made my two pups enjoy having their pictures taken :) Thank you Paul for everything and being so amazing! Elizabeth & Jeff Wedding 9/25/2018

Working with Paul Saunders was an amazing experience. While managing so many different moving pieces in preparing for our wedding (we live in Chicago), selecting Paul as our photographer was easily one of the best decisions we made. He was incredibly responsive and supportive, both during the weeks leading up to our wedding and on the day of. With his wealth of experience in our location (Lake Placid, NY), he was able to make great recommendations for where to take pictures and how to coordinate the entire day. My husband and I had such a fantastic day and I know a big reason for that is because Paul was there documenting each and every moment. Thank you, Paul, for everything! Cassidy & Bradford Wedding 9/23/2018

My husband and I highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography. We have never been big on taking pictures, because we don’t consider ourselves very photogenic, and we tend to hate the pictures that we take together. However, after the amazing job Paul did with our engagement photos, we have been so excited to receive our wedding photos. For our wedding at Canfield Casino in Saratoga, the cocktail hour began immediately following the ceremony, and we were using this hour to take a lot of our individual and group shots. It was very important to me that I did not miss all of our cocktail hour, because we wanted to enjoy some time with our guests listening to the live music and enjoying the food and drinks. Paul knew this, and he worked so efficiently and kept our very large bridal party and our family members moving along. We were able to get all of the pictures we wanted taken, and we still made it back for half of our cocktail hour. There were several times throughout the night where I saw perfect photo opportunities, and Paul was there capturing the moment each-and-every time; he doesn’t miss a thing! Not only was Paul the best photographer we could have ever asked for, but he also offered us such great advice on so many other parts of our wedding day, which kept everything running smoothly. Some of the advice that Paul provided us with included organizing perfect timelines for the girls to get their hair and makeup done (this was important since I had 10 girls getting ready with me). He also suggested when I should have my florist drop off our flowers, when the groomsmen should arrive at the ceremony, when the girls should be getting into the limo, and even the perfect spots for us to stand at our ceremony site for the best lighting for pictures. I am not the type of bride who knew exactly what to do and how I wanted things done, but my husband and I knew that we could trust Paul’s suggestions, so we went with every single suggestion he made. I have no doubt that we will be so happy with our wedding photos. Our engagement shoot took place on a very cold, windy day with drizzling rain (we made the choice not to cancel it), and in just an hour Paul had managed to take hundreds of photos that we absolutely loved; we still can’t narrow it down to our favorites! We honestly can’t say enough great things about Paul, and we highly recommend him!! Kelly & Zack Wedding 9/22/2018

Working with Paul was an amazing experience! My husband typically doesn’t like having his picture taken, especially when it is a ‘staged’ photo. Paul made us both feel very comfortable because he took the time to get to know us as a couple, our families, and knew exactly what pictures we would want and avoided all those cheesy-looking shots. Paul was so knowledgeable about other parts of our wedding, as well, and helped us make everything better with some of the suggestions he made. For example, he knew neither of us really enjoy being the center of attention, so he suggested we invite other couples to dance with us part-way through our first dance, which we did! He also knew how much our dog meant to us and he helped us create a plan so that our dog could be a special part of our family pictures at our country club. Paul’s knowledge of photography and of weddings in general made our day run smoothly without anyone missing a single second of the day. We are so thankful for Paul and all our beautiful pictures! Danielle & Jake Wedding 9/16/2018

Just had our engagement shoot with Paul in Saratoga Springs. The photos are everything I dreamt of and more! Paul was very attentive with any email I sent and always very professional. He made me and my fiancé very comfortable during our session. After seeing how beautiful our engagement pictures are, I’m so excited to have him shoot our wedding. Paul is brilliant. Ashley & Andrew Wedding 7/7/2019

Paul was amazing!! We live in Nevada but got married in the Finger Lakes and had no reason to worry about anything with Paul preparing long-distance for your day. He arrived early and ready to work right away. From the very start he was taking photos, gathered us all together in a huddle and told us exactly what to do, asked all the right questions and gave us very helpful tips. I love how promptly he responds to emails and his personality is just the greatest. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul to anyone getting married who wants a wonderful professional to work with. Kendra & Edward Wedding 9/9/2018.

Choosing Paul as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. Paul is not only a talented photographer, but his sense of humor and high positive energy were a great extra to add to our wedding day. We got married at in Glens Falls and highly recommend Paul and guarantee that you will not be disappointed. We were just so happy with everything. Demi & Pat Wedding 9/1/2018.

Paul is such an amazing photographer! He made our beautiful, special, and stressful day at Welch Allyn Lodge even more special and less stressful! He was so professional but was able to keep everyone laughing at the same time! We had a very large wedding party and he was able to keep everyone's attention and on schedule, so we were able to enjoy the last half of cocktail hour. He also was really great with our family members who had their own ideas about what kind of pictures they wanted. He was able to balance everything beautifully. Many of our guests complimented Paul and told us they couldn't believe he was the only photographer because he was everywhere getting amazing shots all at the same time! Paul is truly passionate about what he does and works so hard. We are so lucky and grateful to have had him be a part of our big day. Paul is definitely someone I would recommend over and over again to anyone looking for a phenomenal wedding photographer! Thank you, Paul! UPDATE: I’m lost for words. Thank you SO much!!! I am obsessed with all the pictures. They are beautiful and amazing and so much more than we expected!!! You did an absolutely AMAZING job. We can't thank you enough for capturing our big day the way you did!!!! Kat & Dave Wedding 8/31/2018

Paul was great! He had wonderful ideas for photos, truly listened to us and what we wanted to do, and his extensive experience took a lot of anxiety out of our wedding planning. He was very accommodating and helped our wedding day go very smoothly. We had a church wedding and reception at The Hiland and Paul made sure we didn’t miss any of our day. Can't recommend him highly enough! Kelly & Charlie Wedding 8/25/2018

Paul was great from the very beginning with everything. He always responded within a day to any questions or inquiries we had both before and after we decided to book him. He called the week before the wedding (we got married at Franklin Plaza) to align with our plan for the day of and he even memorized family’s names which helped to make everyone far more comfortable. We are so pleased with everything and how enjoyable Paul made the experience. Anonymous Wedding 8/24/2018

My husband and I could not be more pleased with choosing Paul as our photographer for our mid-week wedding at Burke Mountain in Vermont! From the very beginning he was warm, personable and made us feel at ease. He answered all of our questions promptly and made an effort to get to know more about us before our wedding. He was so professional, beautifully captured our day, and most of all, his energy, optimism and calm demeanor were a joy to be around on our special day! We would enthusiastically recommend Paul to any couple looking for a photographer who does everything right. Priya & Kyle Wedding 8/21/2018

My husband and I had Paul as our photographer for our wedding at Trevisio’s. The day started off with rain and I was so nervous and anxious seeing our ceremony was outside. Our venue we booked for both our ceremony and reception had a beautiful background and we had our Harley Davidson outside for the ceremony and pictures. I got to the venue and the sun started to shine and the weather became beautiful. Paul came over to the limo and just spoke to me in the nicest tone telling me everything is going to be fabulous and beautiful and the weather is going to be wonderful too for our wedding. He was an awesome photographer and made everything go smooth and on time. Paul made sure to get our pictures done quickly and professionally so we could relax and enjoy the last half hour of cocktail hour before the reception and fun began. Our family and friends thought he was great and very funny. He has a great sense of humor. We would definitely recommend Paul for any type of photography you would need. Paul is awesome, great and quite a guy. Kim & Kevin Wedding 8/18/2018

Paul was a fantastic photographer for our wedding at The Olde Tater Barn. His bubbly personality was making everyone laugh and enjoy the pictures. He was very creative with his shots and he was even able to get all our pictures outside before the rain storm came. Paul made the wedding day go very smoothly and I didn't have to worry about a thing. He does his best to make the day stress-free. He made sure he got all the pictures we wanted, and he pays attention to the details. He is very responsive and thorough in his emails and he is also very accommodating. My husband and I are so happy we chose Paul as our photographer and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top professional photographer. Kate & Mike Wedding 8/17/2018

My fiancé and I weren't going to get engagement pictures done but decided that we should just to be 100% sure of our photographer before our wedding since we are planning a wedding out of state and have had nothing to go by other than other people’s reviews. We are SOO happy that we did end up having an engagement shoot. Paul was such a pleasure to work with both through the planning process and the day of the shoot. He even helped us pick out an amazing castle venue in the Adirondacks for our pictures. He was on time, professional, and we both had a lot of fun taking pictures with Paul. The photos came out absolutely beautifully, just stunning and everyone loves them and now my fiancé and I have some gorgeous pictures to admire while we patiently wait for our wedding to get here. I can't wait to have Paul photograph our wedding in Vermont as I know the pictures will be spectacular! Thank you, Paul for everything! Sarah & Chris Wedding 3/2/2019

I am so happy we went with Paul for our wedding day at Franklin Plaza. He was right on time for the big day. He made sure to capture photos of everything without me having to ask once. He made sure that we got photos with all of our close family and, perhaps most of all, he made the day so easy for me. I didn’t have to think about anything because he was on top of all of it. After the wedding, my father even made a comment about how Paul “ran his a** off” all night long, making sure he got as many photos as possible. If you’re looking for a hardworking man who is a professional throughout go with Paul! My bridal party also loved him and said that they made them all feel relaxed and comfortable! Nicole & Jeff Wedding 8/10/2018

I cannot say enough good things about Paul Saunders Photography. EVERY interaction with Paul was wonderful from first meeting, to answering any question I had via phone or email, to the wedding day. From day one, Paul put us at completely at ease and assured us that all we would have to do is enjoy our special day. He was so knowledgeable and professional. We finalized plans about a week or so prior to the wedding and he asked questions about our families and what was important to us. He was very timely on the wedding day and remembered everybody's name and all of the special photos we wanted. Everything we asked for he did and more. It is 4 weeks out and my wedding guests are still talking about how great the photographer was - especially my 89-year-old grandmother! Paul was so personable and friendly, and everybody loved him. I cannot wait to see our photos from this amazingly talented man. Jaclyn & Stephen Wedding 8/4/2018

Paul is the man!! He took the time to talk to us about how we envisioned the day, what we wanted and how we felt with style and what we didn’t want on our day. He had already shot our engagement pics at Saratoga track and we knew he was a perfect fit. On our wedding day he kept everything calm and told us to enjoy ourselves, each other and not miss anything. He was with us the entire day just like a dear friend. Just delighted with everything and how wonderful Paul made our wedding experience. Christine & Scott Wedding 8/3/2018

Super-responsive, professional, expert… and great photos, too! Paul was outstanding from start to not-yet-finished. He is phenomenally quick to respond every day of the week, and at all hours. He was great working with us as out-of-towners, and took the time to sit down with me, my then-fiancé and my mom when we were coming through town. He thought of every detail and made great suggestions that fit our style. He was very helpful leading up to and on the day of the wedding, making sure everyone was where they needed to be, and prepared a wonderful flow-of-the-day for us. He was familiar with both our venues in Lake Placid and very patient with us. After the wedding, he gave us a good idea of what to expect (i.e. two months for processing), then delivered our photos on time. When we started ordering our photos (piecemeal), he was always very quick to place the order and we have had everything much faster than we expected. Paul has been extremely professional, kind and detail-oriented -- we were so fortunate to have had him on our team! Abby & Jason Wedding 8/2/2018

I cannot say enough positive things about Paul. We hired him for three hours of coverage (which a lot of photographers don’t even offer) as a small midweek wedding in Saratoga. He was so much fun to have around on our wedding day, yet he really takes his job seriously. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and helped direct us in many ways however as we needed it. Everyone at our wedding kept bragging about Paul. He never wasted any time and took photos from the moment he got there, up to the very last second. Paul is very flexible with his business and truly just has a great personality to be around. We knew he was our guy immediately after meeting him. We did a lot of research searching for photographers in the beginning (and there’s a lot to choose from!) but was always 100% confident hiring Paul. He absolutely exceeded our expectations and then some by how wonderful he is with everything! Jocelyn & Cory Wedding 8/1/2018

Paul was very professional and made us feel so comfortable and confident in our wedding photos. He responded right away to any questions we had before our wedding day and was absolutely amazing on our wedding day. I loved his optimistic and uplifting personality and the way he made us feel like nothing would slip through the cracks. He gave us great ideas to get beautiful pictures and really capture heartfelt moments in the best possible way. On our wedding day it even started to rain slightly, and he still managed to get us pictures outside with our castle background. I would definitely highly recommend Paul for any occasion as he is wonderful and really makes everything simple and easy. Kaitlyn and Jeff Wedding 7/22/2018

We just had our wedding at Belhurst Castle and Paul did an amazing job. He makes you feel very comfortable and we didn’t miss our wedding reception which was important to us. So many people at our wedding also mentioned much they enjoyed having Paul take their pictures and were impressed how friendly and helpful he was. Would recommend Paul to anyone. Christina & Kenny Wedding 7/15/2018

You really can't go wrong choosing Paul as your wedding photographer! He not only takes great pictures, but he also keeps you on schedule, which is a HUGE plus on your wedding day. One example, he suggested we list the ceremony start time on our invitations 30 min before the actual start of the ceremony because people would be running late on a Friday afternoon, and boy was he right! Guests were still arriving right up to when I was walking down the aisle. Paul also kept us moving afterward during pictures because we told him we wanted to get to our cocktail hour before it was over. And yet, he still managed to fit in outside pictures at the venue with our dog, Kelsie. Another one of Paul's strengths is that he pays attention to everyone and everything all at once. He is spontaneously creative in his shots, and he tries to get everyone involved. We felt very important and so did our family and friends because he memorized everyone's name before he arrived! Also, a huge plus: Paul was great with the kids at the wedding! Not everyone can get a shy toddler to open up in front of a camera and he did. In short, Paul will give you everything you ask for, and more. So really, the only question left is why haven't you booked him yet?? Jenn & Ben Wedding 7/13/2018

Paul was incredible at our destination wedding last weekend at Stratton Mountain. He did a great job blending in with the crowd, but also ensuring he got every shot we would have wanted and more. I would recommend Paul for anyone getting married in Vermont (or close by) looking for a really friendly professional who makes things easy and fun. Amber & Tim Wedding 7/8/2018

We loved having Paul photograph our wedding in Lake George. From the very beginning, Paul did a fantastic job. He was so friendly, always responsive, and available to answer any questions we had. He did a great job explaining how the day would go and what he would be doing on that day. On the day of the wedding, we were able to enjoy our entire wedding day and not miss anything. Paul was very respectful of our space and time, but he was available anytime we wanted a photo at the reception. We would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone hire Paul for their upcoming wedding. You will not be disappointed. Katie & Matt Wedding 7/7/2018

Paul Saunders is one of the most pleasant professionals I have ever worked with. Between value, respect, skill and an excellent personality, you just cannot beat him. Paul put all of my guests and I at ease all throughout our wedding, and I would recommend him to a friend, loved one, or acquaintance in a heartbeat. Thank you for making our special day at Normanside Country Club really feel that way, Paul, you went above and beyond, and we are incredibly thankful. Alex & Sam Wedding 7/6/2018

Paul was absolutely phenomenal. From the first time we spoke to him, through our wedding night, everything was handled with such diligence. Paul did our engagement photos as well, so we already had some experience working with him. We chose the hour-by-hour plan, which worked out really well for our day as we needed more time. Since we had two brides getting ready in two separate locations, Paul was accommodating and had no problem going back-and-forth taking pictures and helping us get ready. He knew we didn’t want to miss cocktail hour, so he whisked us away to start taking pictures right away to save time. Paul made the whole experience very personal - he remembered the names of all our bridal party, as well as family members. He is extremely talented, thorough, flexible, and makes you feel super-comfortable. I would highly recommend Paul and he was just wonderful. Genna & Malika Wedding 7/1/2018

Paul was beyond amazing for our wedding in Albany. He was the photographer for my sister’s wedding 13 years ago, and I knew I wouldn’t consider going with anyone else. He made the entire process very simple and was thorough answering any questions I had. I immediately trusted him, knowing he would capture the most important moments throughout. He was so much fun the day of the wedding, making everyone laugh all while being incredibly efficient and conscious of time so we weren’t late getting to our cocktail hour. If there was a specific picture we wanted, he accommodated it right away. I could not be any happier with the service provided by Paul as just an amazing experience. I truly would not recommend anyone else. Thank you, Paul, for being a part of our special day and making our family and friends so happy! UPDATE: Thank you so much Paul for all our beautiful pictures! We are blown away at how wonderful they are and all the moments you captured for us. We love them!! Karen & Chad Wedding 6/29/2018

There are so many amazing things to say about Paul and his efforts to help capture the memories and make our day as special as it could be! Paul showed up early and never missed a beat. His personality, cheerfulness, and sense of humor allowed for a relaxing and well-coordinated wedding day. From pre-ceremony pictures all the way through to the end of the reception, Paul made sure to capture every little detail and request we had. If you are looking for a professional and amiable photographer for your wedding or special event, you will not need to worry with Paul. Paul came highly referred to us by our venue and several friends and it only took our first meeting to understand why we knew we had made the right choice. If you are looking for someone exceptional to capture your wedding day memories. you should look no further as Paul brings with him everything you would expect and more. Angela & Jason Wedding 6/22/2018

After my wedding, half of my guests commented on how much they loved Paul. He made the day easy and captured all of the best moments without us missing our wedding party. His advice was also instrumental in the planning process as he helped us hire our DJ and photobooth! We are in love with our teaser pictures as they are just beautiful. I would recommend Paul Saunders Wedding Photography to any of my friends getting married as he is wonderful. Hannah & Justin Wedding 6/21/2018

We got married at Whiteface Club & Resort in Lake Placid and Paul was amazing. He took the time to make sure we were all on the same page and what we could expect from him on our big day. About a week out from our big day my wife was starting to get really stressed about things that might go wrong. After talking to Paul that week he made us feel very relaxed and not stressed or worried about anything. The way he talked to you made you feel like nothing was going to go wrong and that it was all about us. He made sure we knew he worked for us and that made us feel good knowing that there wasn't going to be any pressure from him. On our big day he was amazing. If we didn’t like something he said ok and did something else. If we wanted a certain picture he was all for it and made it happen. He was very good about getting pictures of us done fast so we could spend time hanging out with our friends and family. We would highly recommend Paul for any occasion because he is truly great at what he does and is exceptional to work with. Chantal & Doug Wedding 6/13/2018

Paul was an absolute dream photographer for our wedding at Belhurst Castle. He came in and immediately put this anxious bride at ease. Paul helped with a lot more than just photos, offering to grab my bouquet and run up 3 flights of stairs and get drinks for us. He took photographs that were fun, and I know they will be beautiful (I want to give Paul a review before I get the photos, that is how much I adore him). He interacted so well with the entire wedding party, even getting my 3-year-old nephew to smile for photos. He was basically the wedding ninja, every moment where I thought "a photo of this would be nice" he was there. I highly recommend Paul and his team. He will go above and beyond what a photographer normally does at weddings. Mary & Chris Wedding 6/9/2018

Paul, I cannot thank you enough for everything you and your team to make every Belhurst Castle couple delighted. As always, these pictures are nothing short of super-super AWESOME!!!  Brilliant. You are our favorite photographer by far as make everything SO easy. It is a joy, honor, and so much more, to work with you every time you're here:) Thank you for sharing Paul. See you again soon, but not soon enough! ~ Carmen B. Wedding & Events Planner at Belhurst Castle

Having Paul at my wedding was more like having an old friend there rather than someone I was meeting for the first time. He put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment he arrived. He was able to politely tell my family members "no" to bad suggestions and was great at getting everyone ready for the next picture and telling people when it was their turn to exit the picture. We got married in the Catskills and it rained really hard the hour before my outdoor ceremony was supposed to begin. Paul kept me calm, and when the rain cleared, he went outside and dried off my ceremony chairs. He checked on my mother throughout the day to make sure she was comfortable (she was recovering from a recent surgery). Paul really went above and beyond to provide amazing service. He really did exceed my expectations for our big day and was wonderfully kind too. Mandie & Dave Wedding 6/1/2018

I would recommend Paul Saunders to anyone who is looking for a stress-free experience. Paul goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your experience. Planning a wedding out of state you would think would be very stressful; Paul made sure to go above and beyond throughout the whole experience. Obviously, I had a lot of questions and he had answered all of my emails WAY WAY quicker than I had ever even imagined and was so nice and helpful in doing so. He allowed me to even add on time during the wedding and told me I could pay for added time later on. Paul even followed up a week before the wedding to make sure all bases were covered and to go over the timeline for our wedding, so I wouldn’t be rushed on the day. I can’t reiterate enough how stress less and absolutely amazing the whole process with Paul Saunders really was! Exceptionally grateful. UPDATE: We just wanted to extend our joy to you at how amazing the photos came out!!! They are absolutely stunning and captured all the right parts!! We spent the day going through them reminiscing and crying and are so delighted to have these memories created! Thank you so much for being a part of our day and for capturing the beautiful moments and your expertise of knowing what to do and where to go!! Going to surprise the family this weekend with them and can imagine the happy emotions it’s going to bring out!!  Thank you again for your amazing talent and absolutely stunning work!!  Diana & Derrick Wedding 5/27/2018

We got married this past weekend in Syracuse and used Paul as our photographer. He was absolutely phenomenal! He has the best personality and included everyone (all our guests too) in our photos. Paul took mine and my husband’s requests and ideas into account throughout and made them a reality. I would choose Paul Saunders Photography a million times over if given the opportunity. He was amazingly affordable and is constantly in touch to follow up and to make sure that you are getting what you want. He was the best vendor out of everyone and made the whole process so easy. 10 out of 10 stars!! Jamie & Josh Wedding 5/26/2018

I absolutely LOVED Paul! We got married at Glen Sanders Mansion and he was such a great addition to our special day. We had a pretty rowdy crowed and Paul did an amazing job not only wrangling everybody in for pictures but also doing it in a joking and friendly manner. My entire wedding party and parents also loved him! He was prompt, relaxing, and walked me through my entire day. When he says he will make sure the bride doesn't have to do anything but relax and enjoy her day, he means it! I don't know what I would have done without him. I HIGHLY recommend Paul as a simply fantastic. Christina & Andrew Wedding 5/25/2018

Paul, thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures from the two recent weddings at Glen Sanders Mansion! It is always a pleasure to see you and your team at GSM or any of our properties! We love working with you as know how much importance you place on providing outstanding quality and service with all your couples. Thank you for all that you do for our clients too. You are extremely appreciated by everyone here at Mazzone Hospitality! Maria DeMartino Wedding Coordinator & Event Planner for Glen Sanders Mansion and Key Hall at Proctor’s.

Paul did an amazing job at our midweek Appel Inn wedding!!! I can’t say enough positive things! He was able to get all the pictures with the family and friends that we wanted (and many others too) and do it in a way that was fun. He made everybody laugh and was super-organized and friendly. He was also great at taking the pictures at the special moments and not being seen. He is an amazing photographer and person and I would recommend him a million times over! Mackenzie & Dave Wedding 5/24/2018

Paul is by far the best in the business. If he just so happens to be available on the day of your event do not hesitate to book. We got married at the Lake George Club and Paul was just amazing throughout our wedding. Extremely professional and fun, will make every minute of your photography session run smoothly. Even fills up your champagne glass if running low. He is the man. Tara & Arthur Wedding 5/20/2018

Paul was amazing when he did my wedding at Liberty Ridge Farm. He was professional, courteous, and over all, just an awesome photographer. He put my mind at ease completely as I actually hate having my picture taken. I didn’t have to worry about anything though and I actually enjoyed the fact that he told us what he was going to do before he took any pictures. By the end of the night, I do believe even the two dogs that were in the wedding liked him as much as everyone else. Jackie & Jay Wedding 5/18/2018

I highly recommend Paul Saunders Wedding Photography. We have booked him for our August 2019 wedding at The Century House. Recently we had an engagement session with Paul. I cannot put into words how happy I was with the all the photographs. The photos are truly incredible. Our session was about an hour long and we received over 300 pictures. During the session he made us feel so comfortable. We also brought our dog and she isn’t the most well behaved, but he was wonderful with her. Overall, I’m so excited that we booked Paul for our wedding when we did as know everything will be amazing! Emily & Will Wedding 8/30/2019

What can we say about Paul... nothing but amazing work! My husband and I booked him for our engagement shoot in Lake George, where he did an amazing job with us and our two German shepherds. He was enthusiastic, peppy, creative and energetic about everything. For our wedding... I couldn’t have asked for a better person to capture our most important moments. We had our wedding at Windham Mountain Resort and it rained all day... no matter though. Paul made it fun and enjoyable to shoot, even with the dreary weather and knew all the spots that we would get amazing shots. He engaged everyone in our wedding party by name to make sure everyone was smiling and happy, even the grandparents were laughing! He is the best! Emilia & Chris Wedding 5/6/2018

Paul is an absolute delight to work with! He is very professional and always makes you feel at ease. Whenever I sent him an email with a question or concern, he got back to me right away. He spends a good amount of time getting to know you and your family members names so the whole experience feels very personal and friendly. He was able to get our post-ceremony pictures done very quick and efficiently, so we were able to get to the fun at our reception. Once we got into the reception (we were at Birch Hill) we didn’t even notice Paul taking pictures! He is very subtle, and his candid shots were fantastic! Pricewise, he is very reasonable too and well worth him spending the entire night with you! We had him up until an hour before it was over, and I truly regret not having him stay until the end. He gives you every SINGLE picture edited, and he captures every moment. He takes absolutely beautiful photos! Renae & Keith Wedding 5/4/2018

We’re from Boston and had a Saratoga wedding and let me start first by saying that Paul is an absolute gem as a person and incredibly helpful, thoughtful, and just a blast to work with. During conversations he gave me wonderful advice on so many details for my wedding and his energy and passion for what he does was so evident on my special day. He really helped make this experience seamless, memorable, and complete FUN. He is a true professional. Thank you so much Paul for everything!!! Danielle and Dan Wedding 4/28/2018

Paul was amazing from start to finish. From the moment we met him at Congress Park to have him take our engagement photos we knew we had selected the right photographer. Paul is a great photographer, but more importantly, he IS a very kind and caring person. On our wedding day we were running late, and he still made everyone feel at ease with his charming personality and wit, so we didn’t feel rushed. He also knew all the perfect locations at Saratoga National to take pictures. Thank you, Paul. Kay & Frank Wedding 4/22/2018

My husband and I could not have picked a better photographer for our Saratoga wedding. Paul was always so professional and responsive and kind to work with. Paul kept us on time the day of the wedding and was so upbeat the whole time and a big reason why our day was perfect. Our engagement photos turned out amazing last summer and on our wedding day at Excelsior Springs, Paul was incredible. Katie & Pat Wedding 4/21/2018

Paul was our absolute favorite vendor we hired for our wedding at the G Fox Ballroom! He was so professional and experienced - he really put us at ease on our wedding day especially when things were running late. He learned the names of our family members and was very cognizant of the preferences we expressed during our pre-wedding meetings. His flexible packages are great, so you don't need to think about yet another major decision until after your wedding. Highly recommend as the best! Becky & Tristan Wedding 4/15/2018

We’re from Los Angeles and got married at Willowdale Estate near Boston and all of the incredible reviews you see here are no coincidence - Paul is a professional who is amazing at what he does, and he will add so much to your wedding experience. From the first time I spoke with Paul I knew we would be in good hands. He puts you at ease immediately with his clear knowledge base and affable personality. He always writes back to emails within a few hours, and he works like crazy to get everything perfect on your big day. We were running very late, but he not only made it work - he made it seem easy and stress-free. The sneak peek photos he sent us within a few days left us beaming from ear-to-ear. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and professional photographer who will put you at ease and get every shot you could wish for, Paul is a perfect fit for you. UPDATE: Paul, we can't begin to thank you enough for all our beautiful wedding photos. Thank you for not only capturing so many wonderful moments, but for bringing out all the best parts of our day and not missing anything. We appreciate all of the details - from you sending individual emails so we can easily forward, to us receiving the physical and digital copies on the same day. Thank you so, so much - we are overjoyed with our beautiful pictures! Lauren & Rob Wedding 4/14/2018

Paul is the ultimate definition of professional. He made me feel at ease and excited for the details from our first conversation and only got better through the process. He is in command of his craft and his calmness and take control style was just what was needed to make a nervous bride relax and enjoy every moment. We got married at The Riverview (in Connecticut) and found Paul through WeddingWire & Knot reviews and could not have been happier with him. We definitely recommend him to the highest. Kim & Chris Wedding 3/24/2018

I knew choosing a photographer for our wedding wasn't going to be an easy process. We went to a bridal expo early in 2017 and were instantly attracted to Paul. We walked around twice, and each time Paul greeted us. At the last walk around, we ended up chatting with Paul and just knew he was it. He just got our vibe of our special day. He was VERY quick responding to emails and made the photography aspect of the wedding a very easy and stress-free process. We got married in Saratoga at the Hall of Springs and the day of the wedding, he was just awesome. Listened to us and our family with what we wanted with all group photos and we didn’t miss any of our cocktail hour or reception. He is right when he says, "you won't even know I'm there". After cocktail hour, he just simply settled in and I honestly had no clue he was there, but he was! I couldn't be anymore grateful for Paul and the professionalism he had throughout this process. Amanda & Matthew Wedding 3/17/2018

WE LOVE PAUL. He is the BEST decision you can make when choosing your photographer. If we had to describe Paul in one word... Well...We can't. His attitude, timeliness, knowledge... everything was OUTSTANDING. We can't use just one word to describe what a positive experience we had. He was hilarious, but still got the job done very professionally. All of our guests loved him, they are still commenting on how great he is. He was everywhere capturing our wedding ceremony and reception, but not in your face. One thing that really means a lot to us is that he remembered every single person in our wedding party’s names. That is 21 names. I couldn’t believe it. Paul brought such charisma to an already fun event. We loved every moment. We never felt uncomfortable or anything like that. He is lovely to work with and we didn’t miss a moment of our reception party! If anyone is having any doubts about their current photographer, or is in search of an amazing one, Paul is your guy. He is such a pleasure to work with. Catherine & Keenan Wedding 3/16/2018

Paul was a great addition to our wedding team at Franklin Plaza. His energy and personality are infectious. He provided a great experience for all our family and friends and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Our previews pictures are gorgeous and I’m so happy with everything! Jessica & Nick Wedding 3/10/2018

We got married at Franklin Plaza and Paul was wonderful from the beginning to end. I didn’t have to worry about anything with the flow of the day and everything went very smoothly. When it came to family groups, he was able to keep things in line with all the different pictures we wanted, and I seriously didn't have a worry in the world. Paul was great to talk to through the process of planning out our engagement shoot and wedding day and listened to everything. He worked great with my two little girls too and got amazing pictures of them. I wouldn't change a thing and I will use Paul's services again for my next life event. Doron & Leo Wedding 3/9/2018

Attn all future Brides and Grooms! My name is Risa and I got married in Saratoga at the Hall of Springs. I won't be the first person to tell you that Paul is absolutely the very best! Ask your officiant, venue organizers, florist, DJ or caterer. They all know Paul and will tell you he is the best because they see first-hand what it takes to get those shots that give you goosebumps. I have a big mixed family and he had everyone's names and relations down to a science. When it comes to booking, just tell him what you are looking for and he will suggest the best package or customize one. It's that easy. After our convos, he directed me towards a less expensive package because he simply could get everything we wanted in far less time than we had imagined. This was huge and left us speechless! We would highly recommend you work with Paul or Michelle his associate who is also lovely and very talented. Best of luck with planning and I hope this helps your decision :) Risa & Stephen Wedding 2/25/2018

You won’t regret choosing Paul. His kindness and attentiveness made our wedding perfect. We got married at the Marriott Syracuse and out of every vendor we dealt with, he was the one that constantly put our minds at ease. We requested to make the majority of our cocktail hour and sure enough, after 20 minutes of group pictures, we enjoyed the rest of our evening together with all our guests. My friends and family were also very impressed with Paul and how easy he was to work with. Paul literally did not stop all night. Money well spent dealing with such a professional and kind man. Trisha & Paul Wedding 2/24/2018

Paul Saunders was a complete joy to work with for our wedding at Glen Sanders! Before the wedding he made sure he knew what was most important to us. He even took the time to learn our bridal party and parents’ names. Doing this made our special day go so smoothly, we didn't have to worry about a thing. My husband and I have big families and Paul was able to organize the group photos, cheer up our crying ring bearer, keep it about us and make everyone feel included. His passion for photography, enthusiasm and positive approach helped make our wedding perfect. We would definitely recommend working with Paul!! Cara & Josh Wedding 2/17/2017

We highly recommend Paul as a wedding photographer! He was very professional and concerned about our needs from start to finish. His warmth and wit put us at ease on our big day as we were very nervous before he arrived! Paul made everything so easy and stress-free; plus, he made sure we got outside for all our pictures after our ceremony at Fern Lodge. We’re so happy with everything. Beth & Kevin Wedding 2/12/2018

Paul was very professional and friendly. He took the time to shoot the pictures we wanted, and even went outside in a wind-chill of -8. It was important for us to have “winter wonderland” type photos outside on Lake George and he was ready and willing to deal with the cold to achieve so many beautiful pictures. Paul was going non-stop throughout our wedding catching pictures not just of us, but of everyone else especially during the reception. He was wonderful to work with and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Paul! Alex & Jared Wedding 2/2/2018

Paul was absolutely amazing on our wedding day at Mohawk River Country Club! He is very passionate about what he does and had tons of energy throughout the whole night. All of our guests loved him. Throughout the whole process, Paul was always quick at responding to emails and really wanted to help make the day special for my husband and I. We are so happy with everything. Taylor & Ben Wedding 1/27/2018

Paul was amazing on our wedding day in Syracuse! We got married at church and had time for winter shots with horses and skis afterwards before our evening reception at Sky Armory. Paul was organized, fun, flexible and did everything and more to make our day extra special. We had such a wonderful time with our pictures. I would recommend him to anyone that wants the best photographer!!! Meghan & Mark Wedding 1/20/2018

My husband and I got married at Key Hall at Proctors and we couldn't have asked for more out of a wedding photographer. As two 22-year-old kids paying for their own wedding, Paul was eager and willing to both give us everything we wanted and work with our budget. What really blew us away, however, was how incredible he was with both of our families on the day of the wedding. Our guests thought we had known Paul personally because of how he interacted with everyone - calling our parents, siblings, and grandparents by their first names, making jokes and keeping photo taking light and comfortable. He is attentive, caring, and communicative. Everything was perfect. I would recommend Paul Saunders Photography to any couple who doesn't want to have a single worry about their wedding photos. We'd give him 6 stars if we could. Lauren & Vincent Wedding 12/30/2018

We selected Paul because of the excellent variety of packages he offers, the exceptional value, his responsiveness and genuine care for his clients; as well as the top quality of photos. Paul took our engagement photos the year before our wedding and they were amazing! We knew that he would do an exceptional job for our wedding and he exceeded all our expectations. His desire to capture the best photos was present throughout the entire day and he made everything so enjoyable. We would hire him again and have recommended him to everyone we know as he is just wonderful! Allyssa & David Wedding 12/28/2017

We were so very happy that we chose Paul as our photographer for our wedding at Glen Sanders. Our friends and family also enjoyed him a lot, his personality, and how he made it such fun to take group photos. He is very professional and kind. He made sure that he got everything we wanted and more for our special day without taking too long. We couldn't be any happier as he was amazing. Jessica & Nick Wedding 12/21/2017

We got married in Saratoga and hired Paul as our wedding photographer and could not be happier with the service he provided. He was amazing, very professional and extremely easy to work with. All members of our wedding party and even our guest commented on how great they thought he was. I would highly recommend him to any couple looking for an exceptional wedding photographer. Tina & Mike Wedding 12/16/2017

Paul was an amazing professional for our Saratoga wedding! He was focused, hard-working, attentive and helped calm wedding day nervousness. We planned long-distance (we’re stationed in Alaska) and Paul made everything so easy for us. The sneak peek photos we received two days after our wedding are phenomenal and we can’t wait to see the rest! Amazing service!! Krystal & Don Wedding 12/10/2017

Paul did an amazing job at our Vermont wedding. He was very responsive and flexible with emails and phone calls leading up to the date, answering all our (some admittedly silly) questions we had with kindness and with the kind of knowledge that can be expected from a true expert in the field. On the day itself he was early and captured some amazing pre-ceremony photos. He was very respectful of the priest's requests concerning the ceremony. He was completely unnoticed throughout our mass but captured so many amazing photos. Just following the ceremony, we had limited time, but he was very good about kindly and respectfully getting everyone right where they needed to be so that we could get all the photos we wanted and then some. He also did an exceptional job at the reception (The Essex in Vermont), capturing so many moments, both those we hoped for and those we didn't even know we wanted until afterward. Following the big day, Paul kept us up to date on what to expect next from him and when in terms of finished photographs and extras we had ordered. He even added some complimentary extras and sent us preview pictures the week after. His editing technique is exactly what we wanted, touched up, but not excessive in any way. Overall, if you choose to go with Paul you will get a professional, skilled, detail-oriented, and very kind photographer who is worth many times what he charges. An excellent value if there ever was one. Morgan & Thomas Wedding 12/8/2017

My fiancé and I had Paul Saunders take our engagement photos. We were nervous as we haven't done anything like this before, but Paul made us feel so comfortable and it showed in the photos! His personality is awesome and it comes through on the pictures. We’re in love with how amazing the pictures came out (both of us are not always fond of how we look in photos), but I couldn't say that this time!! Paul made us feel as though my fiancé and I were just hanging out together as we didn't focus at all on the fact that our pictures were being taken. I cannot say enough how wonderful Paul was for us. We’ve seen many photographers at events around Boston and Paul’s personality is spectacular. We were even happier when we saw how AMAZING the photos came out as they are all magnificent!! We thought it would be easy to pick out our favorite ones, but all of them captured the true art and skill that Paul has as a photographer. If you are looking for a photographer who gets to know you and does all the little things, then Paul Saunders is the best choice. We can't say enough how wonderful the engagement shoot went and how amazing our photos are. Christine & Derrick Engagement 11/25/2017

Paul is absolutely wonderful, highly professional and very charming! We had a destination wedding in Vermont (at The Mountain Top Inn) and he made our entire family feel comfortable. His calming presence and sense of humor made my husband and I feel completely at ease. He is truly one-of-a-kind, and we are extremely lucky to have had him on our special day. Thank you, Paul! Anny & Jose Wedding 11/24/2017

Paul (and his second shooter Michele) were so great! They are professional and fun to work with and made everything perfect for us. Paul worked with us throughout our planning to create a good timeline that would ensure beautiful pictures would be captured without us being rushed for our first-look and family groups before our ceremony.  Everything was perfect, and we didn’t have to worry about being rushed and got to all our cocktail hour. We got married at Siena College and had our reception at Glen Sanders; plus, love all our preview pictures Paul send the week after. Thank you, Paul! Katelyn & Kyle Wedding 11/18/2017

Paul was just incredible! As soon as we spoke I know he was the one for us, he remembered small details from any previous conversations and was very responsive through phone and email. Given that Paul is based in NY and we are in Boston I was a little nervous to hire someone so far away, but I am so very glad I did! He was easy to work with right from the start. Paul had to go to two locations in order to get the guys at the hotel first and then us girls getting ready at the venue and he did this without question. When he arrived at the venue was the first time I met him in person and he greeted me with a big hug. Everyone quickly began commenting on how great our photographer was and we had a blast taking photos. Paul quickly corralled our rowdy group and he got some really great group shots, was directive, always friendly and had everyone where they needed to be before, during and after the ceremony. He seemed to be everywhere during the reception, but never in the way and not afraid to even get on the ground to get the best shot. He even remembered everyone's name, it was amazing. When my husband and I were finally alone after the ceremony, the smiles and laughs came so easily, and Paul made us feel so comfortable I couldn't be happier with my choice. Thank you so much for everything Paul AND we love our preview pictures!! Andrea & Joe Wedding 11/17/2017

Paul photographed our wedding at Belhurst Castle and he was INCREDIBLE! He’s super-friendly and easy to work with, and everyone in our bridal party loved him. He seemed to be all over the wedding taking pictures, but never was in the way of anything. Paul is also so much more than a photographer; he was also like our day-of wedding planner! He knew when people were supposed to be where, grabbed a chair for the dance floor for the garter shenanigans, helped the groomsmen put on their boutonnieres, etc! We are so delighted with everything and couldn’t be happier. Rosie & Dan Wedding 11/11/2017

Paul was amazing! He did our engagement photoshoot on a rainy day last month and we are so happy with the pictures! It was our first time, and he made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. He is a natural and true professional. We can't wait to see what he will do with our wedding pictures next summer. Looking for the best then Paul is the one!!! Genna & Malika Wedding 7/1/2018

Paul is awesome! He made our wedding at Saratoga National so special. He was great to work with in the planning process and he did an amazing job throughout our wedding day. My husband and I are so happy that we were able to have Paul as our photographer. He was just a perfect fit for us and made sure we didn’t miss being together with everything at our reception. Jackie & Justin Wedding 11/5/2017

Paul was amazing!! He was very organized, great with our guests and wedding party and was willing to chip in throughout the day as a team player with all our vendors. It was a rainy day, but Paul made the most of it by getting some great scenic outdoor shots while ensuring that we all stayed dry and my dressed even remained white! Paul went above and beyond, and I would recommend him to anyone. Tara & Mike Wedding 11/3/2018

Paul did our engagement pictures recently near Saratoga and I was absolutely pleased with his services and quality of work. Just amazing with everything. He is always quick to respond and is very helpful with explaining everything. I am in love with how the photos turned out. He has such a creative eye and knows how to make each and every picture special. He is very professional and fun to work with. I cannot wait for him to shoot for our wedding! Carla & Rob Wedding 9/15/2018

Paul Saunders has completely exceeded our expectations. He went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day was captured and didn’t’[t miss anything. He even made taking pictures in the cold weather more enjoyable by using humor to ease our stress! My husband was also appreciative that he helped the groomsmen get their boutonnieres on; plus, he made sure my dress looked its best in pictures and took care of so many other things. We are so thankful we hired Paul and highly recommend you book Paul Saunders Photography if you’re having your wedding anywhere in the upstate New York/ New England area. Marissa & Malcom Wedding 10/27/2017

We used Paul for our engagement shoot and our wedding photos. It was very windy the day we took our engagement photos, and my hair didn't come out the way I wanted it to, but Paul reassured us that we'd get great photos. And we did! We filled a whole photo album of just our engagement photos. During the process, Paul was very helpful and detailed in his emails. I don't think he sleeps! I believe he has some of the best pricing for the quality of everything in the area and he is super-flexible with coverage options. That was important to us. On our wedding day in Troy, Paul came early and went right to work and made everything very easy and relaxed for us. He also made sure we had our wedding party and parents together immediately after the ceremony for pictures, and we got to enjoy part of the cocktail hour which was an added bonus. I know he took a TON of pictures; we received our teaser teasers and they are amazing! Thanks, Paul! Becky & Nathan Wedding 10/14/2017

From start-to-finish Paul was so easy to work with. We started out by contacting him through a referral from a friend. Paul got back to us within a few hours and we were on our way to setting up an appointment to meet with him over coffee in a very low pressure, informative setting in which he provided many many details in regard to pricing, albums, and recommendations for the timeline of our day. We choose Paul first for the quality of his work, but secondly because of the flexibility that he provided with packages. We didn't have to commit to a package up front, we actually didn't have to choose until right before our wedding. We really liked this because it gave us the time to think about what we really wanted, and he wasn't booking us solely based on the amount that he would make that day rather because he wanted to work with us. We had questions throughout the way and Paul was very timely with his responses, always the same day. We then had a few phone calls leading up to the wedding day in which we discussed our packages and timelines. Paul was very supportive and worked with anything that we suggested and gave recommendations, but nothing was assertive or pressured us into how he wanted it to be. The day of the wedding, WOW, Paul works non-stop. Paul bounced between the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony and did everything we asked and then some. We wanted all the set family group and bridal party photos done between the ceremony and the reception. Paul worked extremely hard to ensure this and when it came time for cocktail hour we walked in and enjoyed the WHOLE reception at Crooked Lake House and didn’t miss a moment. At this point Paul in was the background doing his thing and never ever got in the way. We choose Paul's option with the hourly coverage because of the gap between our ceremony and reception. We ended up with 11 hours of coverage and Paul worked ALL 11 hours!! We absolutely love all our preview pictures Paul send us after our day. Michaela & Joe Wedding 10/21/2017

Paul was just awesome to work with for our wedding at The Lodge on Echo Lake. We felt very comfortable with him from the very beginning when we met. He catered to all of our requests and was very thoughtful with everything. He made sure the moms had help getting where they needed to be for the ceremony and pictures. Paul also included our rescue dog/flower girl in all the family shots. He really put us at ease and made our day extra special. We cannot say enough great things about him and how wonderful he was. He even recommended our DJ and other vendors!! Plus, our preview pictures are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Paul for everything. Deidre & Scott Wedding 10/13/2017

I highly recommend Paul. He has an amazing personality that helps you feel at ease and makes you smile on your special day! He values everything you ask for and listens carefully to all we had in mind. He really took the time to get to know what we wanted in our wedding pictures and he also remembered everyone's names which I thought was fantastic. Our family did too. We got married at Fort William Henry in lake George and Paul made sure we didn’t miss our wedding and still got down to the lake for pictures. He truly is amazing at what he does and it shows through his attention to detail. I feel so lucky we were able to have him as our photographer and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Paul for everything!!! Angela & Efrain Wedding 10/8/2017

Paul Saunders was everything we could ever dream of, and so much more! This is the most well deserved five- star review ever! Paul's amazing professionalism, efficiency, attentiveness, constant awareness of time and what needs to be done at exactly what moment during the day, combined with his lovely and friendly kindness, his light and comforting mood and flexibility, can only come with massive amounts of experience. We felt so incredibly comfortable around him. He took the time to focus on important details, like learning people’s names, which made the whole experience so much more relaxed and personal. He listened to our photo ideas, and he also knew exactly how to direct a lost bridal party that has zero experience of posing for photos. We can't give Paul enough stars, and he deserves every single one of them. Louise & Manoel Wedding 10/7/2017

Paul was super-helpful from the beginning meeting us one evening to show us his work and discuss our ideas for our big day. He made suggestions and helped us through the whole process. He matched our budget perfectly without compromising quality and was exceptional with his communication and commitments. At the wedding everyone loved him; he had used our country club venue before so knew where he wanted to take us and which shots to capture. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for an upbeat, easy to work with photographer who is exceptionally talented. Courtney & Joe Wedding 10/6/2017

What Can We Say About Paul? Wow! Just Wow! To start, he was extremely pleasant throughout the whole booking and contract process and then when he showed up the day of our wedding, he was just SPECTACULAR!! Our wedding was at the Lodge on Echo Lake; Paul brought over the flowers from the lodge to the house where I was getting ready. When he arrived, he knew EVERYONE and had a demeanor about him that you just loved; everyone actually did!! The whole time, he was making sure that I was calm cool and collected. Said it’s his job to make sure we are happy and the only thing I had to do was nothing but enjoy everything! He was so professional and worked so well with our other vendors to a point where someone told me they didn't realize the video team and Paul were separate. I had guests ask me throughout the night... "where did you find your photographer?!" When I saw how hard he was working to make our day special and then heard that from my dad too I knew we had really lucked out having Paul as our photographer :) I'd recommend Paul to anyone looking for an amazing person and photographer! Thank you so much Paul!! Tam & Henry Wedding 10/5/2017

Paul was absolutely fantastic! He took the time to get to know us before our wedding and gave us not only good advice for photos, but excellent advice for our wedding. He made sure to capture every special moment of our day at Saratoga Winery and was kind, thoughtful and funny when working with everyone in our wedding party. We got so many compliments on Paul as our photographer, we couldn't have picked anyone better for our day!! Elaina & Christian Wedding 10/1/2017

Paul is an absolute delight to work with. From our first meeting with him we knew that we wanted him to help us capture our big day at Canfield Casino. Leading up to the day, he helped us answer any questions we had and was incredibly helpful. On the day itself, Paul captured so many moments that I didn't even think I'd want captured but am so excited that he did! He was able to make everyone have fun and laugh during photos while still keeping us all moving so we could get where we needed to be without running late. We brought our boxer ‘Layla’ for pictures on our wedding and Paul kept her attention for photos despite her high energy and how she kept licking his face all the time. If you want incredible photos and a fun photographer for your wedding, I cannot recommend working with Paul enough. He is amazing! UPDATE: OMG PAUL! Our pictures are phenomenal (and I'm still looking at them all)! I just joked with Kellen I need to call out of work so I can look at them all and obsess over them. You captured such incredible moments and some I didn't even know you were capturing! Layla looks absolutely adorable in every photo and the humans look pretty good too haha. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Deb & Kellen Wedding 9/30/2017

Paul is an absolute professional! He made sure we were on schedule to get all the photos we needed. Besides being an expert in his field, he also was able to lighten the mood with all of our wedding party in order to make sure it was a great time while we were taking pictures. Everyone was laughing and having a blast. During the ceremony and reception (we got married at The State Room) you didn't even know he was there until he would magically appear just at the right moment. He didn’t miss anything. I cannot recommend him enough as he was perfect for our special day!! Crystal & Keith Wedding 9/29/2017

Paul was an absolute DREAM to work with! He is organized and efficient. He pays attention to the couple's wishes and makes it happen! We squeezed in so many amazing Lake Placid sites during our wedding day because of his energy and dedication! I cannot wait to see all the final products when our pictures officially come in! I would definitely recommend Paul to any bride-to-be as he is exceptional. He will make your wedding day seamless and fun throughout. Amazing experience! Carlie & Kellen Wedding 9/23/2017

Book him NOW!! He was absolutely amazing. His emails were prompt, he let us know when he would contact us and did just that, making us feel no anxiousness at all. He was prompt, professional, had a great sense of humor and coordinated the family pictures brilliantly. Despite rain and key family arriving late due to traffic, he knew just what to do. He took charge of organizing and arranging adults and children in a timely fashion to get the shots we needed. We even had two professional photographers from out-of-state in the family and they thought he was incredible. He knew exactly where to be even when you didn't and was always one step ahead. My wife and I were extremely comfortable with his presence even in the most intimate situations. Our friends and family thought he was the best, and our Justice of the Peace reported he was a fantastic find. We could not have hoped for a better photographer or person. Lisa & Kris Wedding 9/22/2016

Paul is fantastic! We live across the country and were coordinating all of our wedding details via phone and email for our east coast wedding. Paul's responsiveness and thoroughness to our questions was top notch. He went above and beyond in all aspects. He even provided recommendations for other vendors if we had questions about other wedding aspects such as catering, etc. Our entire wedding party was so impressed by Paul and how wonderfully kind and friendly he was with everyone. He has a great sense of humor and has an eye for catching details and little things you wouldn't even think about. He truly added to our wedding day and we 100% recommend him! Tiffany & Dan Wedding 9/17/2017

Paul is a very detail-oriented, thorough professional. He is so gracious and friendly and is very flexible when it comes to dealing with the different personalities of the people and family in our party. He also injects humor while shooting photos which puts people completely at ease. He went the extra mile during our engagement shoot by coming to our property and setting up in different locations nearby. His photography expertise is amazing. We were so satisfied with our engagement photos and the beautiful teaser photos from our wedding day! When we had emailed him questions during planning, his response time was great! I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone! He really is top notch. Thank you again, Paul. You made Tara and I feel incredibly special and you are so genuine. Lisa & Tara Wedding 9/16/2017

Paul did an amazing job photographing our wedding at 60 State Street. Everything was the best right from the beginning. He is super friendly, full of energy, and is always so excited to be a part of your big day. From the moment we met him, before we had even hired him, we met up for a meeting and he gave us recommendations for vendors we were still lacking, which was so helpful. I was super nervous before my wedding because I tend to worry about every little thing and honestly the moment Paul arrived he made me feel like everything was going to be just fine. He knew everything that needed to get done and helped make sure it happened, while still taking all the photos I wanted. He brought all the men's flowers over with him to photograph the guys and then my husband told me he even helped them put their boutonnieres on. We were so impressed! He goes above and beyond being a photographer, he is a wedding professional with years of experience and it really shows. Paul operates on your schedule and makes sure that you don't miss out on your wedding while still capturing all the pictures and moments that you want. We highly recommend him as really is the best! Jennifer & Gabe Wedding 9/9/2017

I've been involved with wedding and event catering for many years, and as such have had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of photographers. Some can be put in the "Party Killer" category that slowly and laboriously make their way down a list of shots and put you a half an hour or more behind schedule (easily thousands of dollars’ worth of wedding budget wasted) to the "Magazine Photo Shoot" type that treat the wedding party as mere models while they create their art. And there are a few that are just plain a***holes. Am I allowed to say "a**hole" in a Wedding Wire review? Let's find out. Paul Saunders' 5-star rating is no fluke. The man was on a very short list of photographers that I mentioned to my daughter as the best I’d ever seen. There are lots of perfectly adequate picture takers out there, but weddings are populated by families of non-models during an emotional and, at times, stressful event. In my mind, this is where Paul really works his magic. I've literally seen him do it dozens of times over the years, but to experience first-hand how he quickly and easily got all the shots you expect and more was just amazing. His disarming wit put everyone at ease. He really never stops. I've never seen him have a bad day. He's the closest that you'll get to a sure thing. John FOB. Wedding 9/9/2017

Paul was fantastic for our Century House wedding. He kept things going and made me feel as at ease as possible on such a nerve-racking day. We were both very anxious and he helped so much keep us calm and breathing. Paul answered all my questions and emails very promptly and was a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone as he was absolutely amazing. Tabitha & Deane Wedding 9/8/2017

We were so happy with Paul for our wedding at The Gideon in Saratoga! Leading up to the wedding, he was always immediately responsive to our inquiries and incredibly helpful. On the day of, he put us all at ease with his professionalism and amazing eye for detail. While he was running from place to place to take the perfect pictures, his tone was always calm and positive which helped put me at ease. All of my bridesmaids and family were also commenting on how great they thought Paul was and what a pleasure it was to work with him. I highly recommend hiring Paul if you need a photographer. We will definitely use him again in the future for all our picture needs. He is wonderful! Caroline & David Wedding 9/3/2017

We got married at Birch Hill and booked Paul Saunders over a year prior to our wedding date. When we first met Paul at a wedding show, we knew his personality and positive energy was something we had to have present on our big day. Paul far surpassed any expectation we had. Paul is SO funny and is excellent at helping you stay present in the little moments the that could easily be missed in the whirlwind. Paul kept everyone laughing and feeling relaxed throughout our day. Our guests couldn't believe his ability to capture every picture -- any time there was a special moment to catch or a group gathered for a shot, there he was! We would absolutely recommend him to anyone and would use him again in a heartbeat. Thank you again Paul for everything and for making our families so happy too! Audrey & Eric Wedding 9/1/2017

Paul was absolutely amazing with everything! He got back in touch with us in a very timely manner with any questions we had; plus, followed up with us the week before our wedding to go over our final game plan and check all names of bridal party and family! He took the time to make sure everything was just the way we wanted and even went out of his way to find an employee at Crooked Lake (our venue) to get our outdoor flower arrangements inside after our ceremony. All of our guests commented on how great he was with capturing photos all night of everyone! During the ceremony and reception, I didn't even realize Paul was there. He truly was great and I would highly recommend him to all couples! Amy & Andrew Wedding 8/26/2017

Paul is an excellent photographer. My fiancé and I took our hyperactive Great Dane with us for our engagement photos in Saratoga and Paul was so patient and so kind to ensure that we got our fur baby in our pictures. Paul is also VERY responsive and will always reply back in a timely manner, regardless of time or day. I would highly recommend Paul for any special moment that you would want captured. We are in love with our engagement pictures and thankful we have Paul as our wedding photographer. Demi & Patrick Wedding 9/1/2018

Paul was absolutely amazing from our first sit down to meet him right up until our wedding day at Crooked Lake. He was responsive to any and all inquiries, personable and very professional. Both of our families loved him and are still talking about how pleasant he was and how he made those awful posed photos you have to do actually really enjoyable to be a part of. Even before our wedding day, I already had so much faith in how much he cared about us personally as a couple that I referred him to 3 other brides who all hired him! Everything we requested of him we got like not missing our entire cocktail hour which was a huge request and requirement of ours. We got our teaser photos on our honeymoon and I am blown away whole heartedly. The photos are stunning and most of all the love he was able to capture in our ceremony photos on our faces is astonishing. I would easily hire him over and over again as amazing with everything! Amanda & Kris Wedding 8/18/2018

We met with Paul to take our engagement pictures earlier in the month. He just sent us the link to all our pictures, and I couldn’t be happier. They are beautiful. Since the day I reached out to him, I’ve had nothing but a positive experience. His responsiveness has been incredible - expect acknowledgement whether by email or phone call immediately. We had our photos taken at and around Saratoga Race Track. The moment My fiancé & I met him - I knew we made the right choice. Paul asked us questions, and took time to know us. He genuinely seemed interested in who we are, what we envisioned our wedding day would look like. He wanted to incorporate anything that made it "personal” and unique to us. I hate getting my picture taken, and Paul made the experience as painless as possible! He was funny, casual, and quick!!! I never felt uneasy or uncomfortable. He snapped literally hundreds of pictures in a such a short period of time that I was even surprised when I had to go through all of them! Paul has an amazing knack for seeing a memory, and capturing it through the lens. The hard part now is picking what photos will be used for our “Save the Date” card! I can't wait to have Paul capture our Saratoga wedding; I know our day will be perfect. Paul Saunders has earned a raving endorsement & recommendation from me! Christine & Scott Wedding 8/3/2018

If you are looking for an amazing photographer for your wedding or any event, Paul is your guy! We had a rooftop third-floor wedding at Franklin Plaza and Paul is professional, funny and moves things along perfectly so we didn’t miss anything. No downtime, no standing around waiting, no cheesy uncomfortable posing. He listens to exactly what you are requesting for pictures and makes everything so easy! I got so many compliments for what a great photographer we had! Paul was wonderful! Kelly & Chris Wedding 8/13/2017

Everyone kept commenting how he was all over taking pictures from different angles and didn’t get in the way once. Most of all, Paul was great getting all the pictures I wanted with our family and children at Belhurst Castle and made sure we didn’t miss our cocktail hour. He was always right on top of all my questions, emails, and concerns throughout and never kept me waiting once for a reply. Just a very fun and humorous man. Highly recommend with no reservations. Denelle & Kevin Wedding 8/6/2017

Paul was amazing to work with for our Longfellows wedding. Not only are his photos beautiful, but he was much more than just a photographer as he really guided us through our entire day, giving us a timeline so that we knew where to be and what we should be doing. He made it very stress-free and we felt so relaxed for our photos and didn’t miss any of our wedding. We had a wonderful day in Saratoga and were so lucky to have worked with Paul. Amelia & Joseph Wedding 8/5/2017

Paul was wonderful on our wedding day at Old Lantern Inn! His sense of humor was perfect for our families. He was well organized and very professional and made everything so easy. We didn’t miss our wedding and had so much fun with everything. We couldn't have been more happy with Paul as our photographer and love all our teaser pictures! Julie & Drew Wedding 7/29/2017

My husband and I were lucky enough to have Paul as our photographer at our wedding this past Sunday at Grand View. He was absolutely wonderful. Very professional and pleasant. We didn’t know what to do and he was great with instructing us to do different poses, which all still felt very natural. He has a great welcoming personality and is always smiling and positive. Non-stop energy. Paul is the real deal! I can't thank him enough for his hospitality and we love all out beautiful teaser pictures we received next day. 5-Stars! Laura and Dennis Wedding 7/23/2017

My fiancé and I could not have chosen a better photographer. We just received our Saratoga engagement photo's online and are in love with every picture. Paul's work is absolutely amazing. If you have not booked a photographer yet; book Paul! You will not be disappointed. Paul is incredible to work with, responds back to you so quickly, is funny and friendly yet super professional too and makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera. He truly captures you as a couple. We could not be more pleased with Paul and can’t wait to work with him on our big day next year! Kathryn & Patrick Wedding 4/21/2018

We got married at The Inn at Erlowest and Paul did a fantastic job from start to finish. Leading up to the big day we were able to send him sample pictures we wanted and he got them all; he even sent us teaser pictures the next day which are amazing. He was great to work with always made us smile and relax which got even better shots. He was very efficient with his work and just a true pleasure to work with made the day great. I would absolutely recommend Paul to anyone as my wife and I are delighted. Brandy & Greg Wedding 7/22/2017

Paul Saunders was the photographer for my wedding at Beardslee Castle, and if I could give him more than 5 stars I would! He was prompt and professional. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and all of my guests raved about him. He was funny and kept us laughing, which gave us natural smiles for the photos. He has always responded to my emails very quickly, and went above and beyond to reassure me that my wedding was my time to enjoy myself and not worry about a thing. He kept touching base with me throughout the event and gave amazing direction to how he wanted us to pose. He was able to manage my wedding party, as they are the sort that tend to wander off. He was extremely efficient, and worked amazingly well with my other vendors and professionals. If you are considering using Paul's services, please do! He is worth every penny that we spent. Honestly, I felt that we got the better end of the deal - we almost felt guilty for paying what he asked. He has won numerous awards and we can see why. Exceptional value and quality! He gave us preview pictures two days after the wedding which we love, and we can't wait to see the rest! I wish we had another big event around the corner so that we could hire him again! Emily & Scott Wedding 7/15/2017

Paul was nothing but absolutely brilliant on our wedding day in Saratoga! He is polite, detail oriented, tons of fun, unbelievably hardworking, & captured every second of our day! He even held a camera in one hand while fixing a gigantic gown with the other!!! What more could you ask for? He captured our moments as they happened & more. He even specifically captured the details of our wedding venue decor, the dress, our bridesmaids & groomsmen getting ready, wedding day gifts, our invitations, wedding bands, family heir looms, flowers, every combination of bridal party & family photographs imaginable, along with SO much more. He also generously captured additional meaningful moments to us at the end of our evening. We will cherish Paul's work for a lifetime. He did not miss a single beat. If you'd like someone to put you at ease, have great fun & capture every moment, Paul is THE BEST. The compliments we received from our guests about him after our wedding were uncountable. Also, his packages are unbeatable! The amount of professionalism & detail that was dedicated to our day was priceless. He went above & beyond every expectation we could have ever imagined. In addition, he ensured that every detail was perfect for our day (with us, our venue, our florist & even our entertainment) prior to the wedding. To our surprise, he even sent us the most beautiful teaser photos the day after without asking. We can't put into words how incredibly thankful & lucky we were to have found him. Paul Saunders Photography is the BEST. Amanda & Andrew Wedding 7/8/2017

Paul is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. From the second he stepped foot on our wedding ground we could feel his excitement and drive to capture every special moment. He was non-stop. My husband is very low-key and honestly would have preferred no photographer at all but ended up saying he was the best decision we made! Paul always kept in mind my requests as a bride but was quick to come up with other ideas and see them through. Paul has a unique way of being an incredible leader, getting people where they needed to be with a sense of humor that kept things light, but at the same time was able to get a ton of photos without us missing our wedding. He was a delight to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding photographer. Courtney & Zach Wedding 7/7/2017

Paul was great to work with! He took our engagement and wedding pictures. Out of all my vendors, I found him the easiest to communicate with. He is VERY efficient in answering e-mails. A few days before the wedding we went over our game plan for the day in complete detail. He took the time to learn my bridesmaid’s names before arriving to my house for getting ready pictures. During our family photos after church, Paul was very efficient. He is not afraid to take charge and tell people what they need to be doing and was a wonderful help throughout our wedding! We didn’t miss a minute of our cocktail hour (we had our reception at Glen Sanders Mansion) and I highly recommend Paul as he is great to work with! Kristy & Aaron Wedding 7/1/2017

Paul was amazing! Very responsive by email and very detail oriented which we needed (he even remembered the names of my extended family members). On the day itself he arrived early and was positive, polite, funny, organized and very unobtrusive. During the ceremony and reception he was hardly noticeable (all in a good way) and captured all the important moments without being a distraction or getting in the way. Very accommodating of all requests and very flexible with packages. Excellent experience and a great addition to our wonderful wedding at The Sagamore. Thank you Paul for being terrific! Corie & Curtis Wedding 6/25/2017

We worked with Paul Saunders for our wedding at Liberty Ridge Farm on June 24, 2017. Paul did an AMAZING job capturing all our special moments on our big day. Not only is Paul a wonderful photographer but his personality is great! He never makes you seem rushed but he made sure to capture all the photos we wanted (and then some) and still make it to enjoy all of our cocktail hour which was very important to my husband! I would highly recommend Paul for any event. He is amazing! Danielle & Sean Wedding 6/24/2017

Paul was absolutely wonderful to work with. He was very quick in responding to all emails and answered all questions with very detailed responses. He was thorough in getting necessary information from us leading up to the wedding and was professional in every aspect on our special day. We had seen the reviews on Paul and our site coordinators at Beardslee Castle were very complementary of him. We can say that they were all right. He made sure that we were taken care of before, during, and after our ceremony even making sure that we had something to drink or anything else that made us comfortable. He also helped us prepare for the wedding and made sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Our friends and family thought very highly of him and were most impressed. He was personable, humorous, easy to work with, and very affordable for someone with his skills, ability, and level of professionalism. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding photographer. Tricia & Thomas Wedding 6/18/2017

Paul was the absolute BEST vendor we had the pleasure of working with for our wedding at Blenheim Hill Farm. He was thoroughly helpful, responsive and dedicated a lot of attention and detail to our vision and what we wanted. Paul and his team are highly talented and truly cared about our wedding experience. Every email and communication was responded to and I was pleased with every request. I cannot say enough about how amazing it was to have Paul and his team shoot our wedding AND we received our beautiful teaser pictures in two days!! Shoba & Charles Wedding 6/17/2017

Paul was amazing!! The utmost in professionalism throughout. Flexible, fun and the guests loved him as well. He adds a personal touch as knew the wedding party's names as well as all of our important family. No one was left out. The best part, I didn't even know he was there, but yet he was everywhere he needed to be at the right time. We loved Paul’s style, sense of humor and super easy demeanor. You can't go wrong with Paul for your wedding as he is the best!! Debra & Ted Wedding 6/16/2017

Paul quickly replied to every email very quickly and would always keep me updated with everything. He arrived at The Roxbury Barn early on our wedding day and made everything easy for us. He was extremely professional and everyone in our wedding loved his charisma and character. The wedding pictures look amazing and are everything my husband and I hoped for. We are so happy with Paul! Verushka & Frank Wedding 6/15/2017

Paul Saunders was one of the highlights of our Saratoga wedding. He was personable, charming, and completely professional throughout the event, and we have since received numerous positive comments from friends and family about him. Before the wedding he was very easy going and fun to work with. During the wedding, it seemed as though he was everywhere, and he captured, without exception, all of the best moments that evening. Overall, I would recommend Paul Saunders to anyone I know who is planning a wedding and wishes to hire a photographer who is just as memorable as the pictures he takes. Stephanie & Logan Wedding 6/11/2017

When my fiancé and I first met Paul, we knew he was going to be our photographer!! He was so down to earth, funny, friendly and very accommodating. He wasn't trying to sell us his service or push anything on us. He was very personable and wanted to know about "us" and our story. He also was very helpful and offered us great suggestions on officiants and DJ's and told us if we had any questions to email him anytime. In my book, he went above and beyond from what I expected out of a photographer. My fiancé and I also wanted to have engagement photos and we booked Paul for those as well. I never had any professional photos done and he made it a very enjoyable experience and our photos are beautiful. He is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography!! Diana & Andrew Wedding 6/6/2018

Our photo booth vendor, Russ Antonacci, of Upstate Photo Fun recommended Paul to us because he was the photographer for his daughter’s wedding in Saratoga. Russ had nothing but amazing things to say about Paul and without hesitation we booked a meeting. After meeting Paul we knew the hunt was over and we booked him right then and there. Paul has such an amazing energy about him. He was truly remarkable to work with. I hate having my picture taken and Paul made the whole process quick, efficient, and painless! He took the time to learn the wedding party’s names, he always had helpful tips, and was so knowledgeable when it came to the timing of everything for the day of the wedding. Considering how beautiful his pictures are, he was much more affordable than most of the other photographers we had looked into. Also, he was extremely responsive to all my emails! We could not have asked for a better photographer or person. Amanda & Erik Wedding 6/10/2017

Paul was awesome to work with! He made taking our engagement photos fun and stress-free. We went to Lake George during Americade and he was still able to find a great place for pictures that was secluded and not filled with people and bikes. He got our pictures back to us so quickly as well. Overall it was a wonderful experience and the finished product came out amazing! We are so happy with our pictures and with the way Paul handled everything. We highly recommend him! Stephanie & Ryan Wedding 10/6/2017

Paul was our photographer for our recent wedding at Franklin Plaza and he was just amazing!! We cannot say enough positive things about Paul Saunders Photography. From Paul's professionalism and expertise, to his commitment to making our wedding day flawless and capturing absolutely fantastic photos, we highly recommend him!! Paul was absolutely a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Meghan & Mike Wedding 6/3/2017

Paul did engagement photos for my fiancé and I and we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Paul was very fast-paced and kept us moving, which optimized the amount of photos, positions, and props. He was very accommodating to include our young children in several of the photos as well which was perfect. Our online collection was sent to us within a week of our photo shoot and we delighted with everything. We are very excited for the same type of experience with our wedding in the fall. Celia & Michael Wedding 10/13/2017

We couldn't be happier with our choice to book Paul Saunders for our engagement session and wedding photos! From the very first email, I knew he was our guy. He is always enthusiastic, upbeat, friendly, professional, and offering to help in anyway he can; including with great suggestions for other vendors. We just received our engagement pictures back and couldn't be more excited and happy with them! Our engagement session was so much fun despite the weather being wet and he captured our personalities to a ‘T’ in all the photos. Now I can't wait for our Wedding!!! Thank you Paul for everything! Meghan & Andrew Wedding 8/6/2018

Paul was amazing! So happy. Positive. Energetic. Excited to work for us. We all loved him. The whole wedding party and guests were amazed how great he was! He even remembered things we forgot and was such a big help throughout our wedding. Thanks again Paul, you are the best! Lindsey & Dan Wedding 6/2/2017

When we met with Paul for our initial consultation, he was very detailed in making sure he knew what moments were important for us. From all the recommended photographers (we got married at The Century house), he was the only photographer to take the time to ask us what we wanted instead of assuming. Paul checked in with us in the months prior to the wedding and talked with us at length the week before to set up a timeline. On the day of he was GREAT at keeping everyone on schedule to make sure we got to participate in our cocktail hour and didn't spend hours taking photos. Although he is the expert, he was still very receptive to me and my husband wanting to change or slow things down when we felt it was needed. He was attentive to detail throughout and we can't wait to see the photos as our teaser pictures are beautiful. Paul is sending our flash drives next week which is even quicker than expected! Heather & Justin Wedding 5/27/2017

As soon as we met with Paul we knew he was the photographer we wanted for our wedding at Franklin Plaza; we never met with anyone else. Paul was excellent and had so many great ideas. He was very patient, especially with our 2-year-old daughter, and was never rude by interrupting us during the wedding reception. We never felt rushed either which was important to us. It was a fabulous day and Paul made it extra special. We would definitely hire him again as wonderful to work with. Lynnette & Dami Wedding 5/21/2017

Paul was amazing to work with at Jimbo’s Club! He was very professional, and personal as well which made everything much easier. Our pictures were done quickly so we didn’t miss our wedding. Paul was non-stop throughout our reception taking photos of everyone. You never knew when he was going to be there for the perfect candid shot which is what we wanted. I honestly cannot say enough about him; amazing experience from start to finish. Johanna & Jason Wedding 5/20/2017

Paul was absolutely amazing!! He learned EVERYONE'S name in our bridal party which truly personalized our wedding. He never made me or anyone else pose uncomfortably; he adhered to every request we made; he offered valuable tips for the best shots; he flexibly adjusted his tasks to fit slight changes we asked for; and he used the lay-out and resources at our venue (we got married at a winery) to get incredibly creative with our photographs. The best part was that Paul had a wonderful sense of humor that had everyone laughing, making our already overjoyed smiles all the more genuine. He captured every special moment of the evening and was on his feet and alert the whole way through. He didn’t miss anything. Not that I would have minded, but we really barely noticed him throughout the night, as he did his best to ensure that every shot was completely natural and candid. Our guests LOVED Paul and his energy and we are overjoyed that we found him!! You will not regret hiring this photographer for your wedding. He keeps you in the loop with every step, he produces AMAZING pictures, and he truly makes your event stress-free. Mackaully & Juan Wedding 5/16/2017

I spent a great deal of time considering our options for wedding photographers, and trying to narrow down my choices. We were already interested in Paul Saunders Photography based on our internet searches, and when we finally attended the Longfellows wedding show and met Paul in person, we knew he was exactly who we wanted to take our wedding photos. We received the link to our engagement photos a few days after the shoot, and I am still smiling whenever I think about them! Neither of us consider ourselves very photogenic. In fact, in the past 12 years we have taken maybe 2 or 3 pictures together that we truly like. However, in less than 90 minutes Paul was able to capture hundreds of photos of us that we absolutely love! We have had several friends and family members tell us that our engagement shoot was the best one they have seen, and we are sure that this is because of the number of beautiful locations and different poses that Paul captured us in. He is a very knowledgeable and efficient photographer; we didn't have to do anything but show up ready to go. We told him he wanted photos taken in Lake George and he knew exactly where to bring us for a wide range of beautiful and unique backgrounds. The day of our shoot, it was in the high 40's and light rain, but we wanted to proceed with the shoot and Paul was great about it. We both had so much fun during the shoot that we didn't even think about the cold or worry about the rain once, and we actually feel that the overcast skies made the pictures even more beautiful. The only part of this whole process that has not been easy is trying to choose which photos we want to print! I can't emphasize enough how happy we are with our decision to choose Paul Saunders Photography for our engagement shoot, and how excited we are to have him for our wedding day! We highly recommend Paul to anyone in search of a wonderful photographer. Kelly & Zach Wedding 9/22/2018

Paul was absolutely fantastic to work with on our wedding day. We spent a lot of time finding the "right" photographer for our wedding in Geneva. As soon as we met with Paul we knew he was the perfect choice. There was another wedding at our venue during the time of our reception, and Paul was so helpful in guiding the wedding party, guests; and myself and husband throughout the transition from the ceremony into the reception while our wedding planner was helping with the other wedding. Paul also took our engagement photos, and could not be happier with how they all turned out. We would highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography for any occasion, and have been so grateful to be able to have worked with him. Chelsey & Parker Wedding 4/29/2017

We used Paul Saunders for our engagement photos and immediately booked him for our wedding (at Belhurst Castle) as well! We had such a great time during the engagement photo shoot in Lake felt like one of our friends were taking the photos and so comfortable. Paul is very easy to work with and ensures that your pictures reflect who you are. We brought our motorcycle and 2 dogs and he worked them into the pictures seamlessly. The pictures turned out ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and we got many more than we expected! In addition, Paul always responds to emails the same day and is very energetic. If we could give him 10 stars, we would. Thank you again! Diana & Rob Wedding 5/19/2018 (Click here to see our pictures)

Paul was AMAZING to work with. We just booked him for our engagement photo shoot in Saratoga and you get a $100 discount for your engagement photo shoot if you book him for your wedding!! He took so many awesome shots of my fiancé and me at Congress Park. The ideas he had weren't your stereotypical cheesy poses and we CANNOT THANK PAUL ENOUGH for everything!! The pictures came back to us in less than a week. We are in LOVE with these photos and can't wait for our wedding pictures now!! Catherine & Keenan Wedding 3/16/2018 (Click here to see our pictures)

From the moment I contacted Paul to enquire about his availability for my wedding at Glenora Wine Cellars, he was quick to respond to my emails and was understanding about my planning the wedding from the UK. Paul was so friendly and wonderful to work with on the wedding day. He was great with my niece and nephew as well as my elderly grandmother when taking photos. He was adaptable with everything and made everyone feel very included and relaxed. Paul was funny and had everyone laughing. All the e-photos he sent were absolutely wonderful. Plus, received them within a few weeks after the wedding and couldn't be happier with the outcome. So pleased. We would love to recommend Paul to anyone interested in a wonderfully talented photographer who is exceptionally good. Thank you Paul! Kate & Paul Wedding 4/14/2017

We are very happy that we chose Paul as our wedding photographer at The Mansion Inn (in Rock City Falls). We were both truly impressed with his talent, sincerity and passion for his work. He was extremely punctual, enthusiastic and did a fantastic job gathering many family for all the group shots we wanted along with capturing candid moments simultaneously. Wonderful style. His personality is ideally suited to his job as Paul makes everyone happy and just lots of laughter. Five-star all the way. Jingyu & Piyush Wedding 4/9/2017

Paul was absolutely a joy to work with. My wife and I went with the weddings-by-the-hour package that Paul offers, and hired him for eight hours for our wedding at Fairways of Halfmoon. He captured all of our wedding day from start to finish and didn’t miss anything. From my wife getting ready, to the end of the wedding. Very impressed how he was able to manage our larger families and wedding party, while making sure my wife had a chance to eat and not miss being together with everyone. At the end of the day, we got nothing but compliments about how awesome everyone thought Paul was. Highly recommend this guy as your photographer if you want to capture your wedding day story. He is so good at what he does. Lauren & Frank Wedding 4/8/2017

We used Paul as our photographer for our wedding 3/31/17 at Shaker Ridge. He was amazing throughout our whole process. From engagement pictures with Sasha our dog to extremely responsive emails to our big day we were overjoyed with everything! On our wedding day, he was so energetic and flexible with my husband and I since things did not go as planned. He never made us feel stressed and made all guests feel very comfortable. I would recommend Paul to any couple looking for a great photographer Becca & Luke Wedding 3/31/2017

Do not hesitate: BOOK PAUL NOW!! Paul was everything we could have hoped for in a wedding photographer. He was warm, welcoming, professional and did a wonderful job of making us feel comfortable - at both our engagement shoot and wedding. Following our wedding at Saratoga National we had friends and family that spoke highly of him and were excited to see the finished product. We have since received all our wedding photos and we are OVER THE MOON!! The number of photos he provided us with is amazing and the quality is excellent too. He managed to capture so many candid moments and captured all of our family and friends beautifully. We will treasure our wedding photos for years to come. Melanie & Kevin Wedding 3/18/2017

Out of all the vendors we used for our wedding at Beardslee Castle, Paul Saunders was by far the best to work with. He was energetic, accommodating and just plain wonderful to work with. Everyone at our wedding truly enjoyed him. He was never in the way and treated all our guests with courtesy. He listened to what we wanted and he went above and beyond and captured more than we could possibly have hoped for. Weddings can be crazy and despite the monsoon and crazy weather, Paul did a wonderful job keeping people organized and together to capture all the pictures we wanted. He was wonderful. Jessica & David Wedding 2/25/2017

I live about 1200 miles from my wedding venue, so I was not terribly involved with the planning process. Paul was incredibly accommodating and professional throughout. He took the time to learn all family names before the wedding! We were extremely impressed. I am the type of person who never feels like my pictures come out well, but I never once felt that way on my wedding day! Paul even had good ideas for silly pictures that we wanted (we both like Star Wars, so we cut our cake with light sabers), but he was careful to make sure things didn't get out of hand. The best part is I hardly noticed him at the reception, but my guests had great things to say about him later! Plus, he had worked with the staff at Mohawk River Country Club and Piano Man DJ before, which helped everything to run seamlessly. Highly recommend. Emily & Guy Wedding 1/15/2017

Paul is a very fun and energetic photographer! The whole wedding party loved him and we did too. He has unique ideas for each picture he takes and made sure we didn’t miss our wedding reception!! We got married at Canfield Casino and even got snow pictures in the park which we really wanted. He's a great photographer all around and so happy we hired Paul when we did almost three years ago!! Ashlee & Dave Wedding 12/31/2016

Paul was amazing! He is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and professional throughout the entire wedding process. We got married at Hotel Syracuse and he really came prepared and found spots for the best photos, knew everybody's names and kept everything moving to make sure my husband and I could enjoy our wedding day and not miss anything. For working by himself, all of our guests were surprised he was literally everywhere! Paul was an absolute delight to have at our wedding. For someone to help make an already stressful day a lot less stressful, Paul is worth every penny. What my husband most enjoyed was Paul's approach during the reception. There weren't any forced photos; he documented everything and really did a wonderful job blending in and capturing the mood and guests in a natural unobtrusive way. Becki & Mike Wedding 12/30/2016

Paul was a wonderful photographer to work with! He had a great personality that kept everyone laughing the whole time we were taking pictures. I felt like he was always in the right place at the right time to get a good shot, but he was never in the way. We received teaser pictures the day after our wedding (they are beautiful) and would highly recommend Paul as he is the best! Samantha & Kevin Wedding 12/17/2016

We got married at Saratoga National and if you are looking for a photographer who is personable, fun, efficient, and not a distraction, then Paul Saunders is your man! Paul does everything in his power to make sure YOU are not the center of attention and ensure that YOU are able to enjoy all your wedding day. Paul is extremely professional; he was never overbearing or demanding. He was fantastic with the kids and just had a knack for capturing those special moments. He was adamant that we didn't spend excessive time staging and posing photos (which was very important to us) and he made sure we got to enjoy our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. He worked very quickly and efficiently, almost stealth-like, to get the pictures with family and friends that we wanted and never got in the way throughout our day. He always found a way to "get that shot" and we are extremely glad that we made Paul our photographer on our special day. He was wonderful, plus we love our teaser pictures!! Christine & Kern Wedding 12/11/2016

Paul is a fabulous photographer, a consummate professional and it was such a pleasure to have him take care of our wedding photos. We live in London and selected Paul based on his online reviews and following on from an introductory phone call. Paul never missed a beat throughout the whole process, he was extremely helpful and informative at all times. We had an intimate wedding at The Waldorf Astoria, NYC and on the big day he was engaged not just with us, but also with all our guests whom he took the time to speak with throughout our day. He made everyone very comfortable throughout. Plus, we received our edited pictures very quickly. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Paul. Morag & Andy Wedding 12/3/2016

Paul has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what you want on your wedding day. It’s not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was – it’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to help you re-live the night after it is over. Paul’s energy and passion come across in the photos because he was literally making us laugh the entire time. He is able to blend in so well that your guests will not realize they’re being photographed which is exactly what we wanted. We got married at Franklin Plaza and could not recommend a better photographer who goes above and beyond to get amazing pictures. His stunning shots will take us back to the day each time we look at them. He captured all the emotions, laughter and love perfectly. We can't thank Paul enough for taking the time to get to know our bridal party and family histories prior to our wedding. He is so thoughtful, kind and made our wedding extra enjoyable. Thank you, Paul for being amazing :) Cait & Drew Wedding 11/26/2016

Paul is absolutely amazing! He is so quick and his ability to work a huge crowd of people to do what he wants is a sight to see. He is so passionate, personable, charming and charismatic! Love the accent and how much fun everything was! Highly recommended! You won't even know he is taking pictures at the reception which was important for us. We had our wedding at Birch Hill (it was sunny and 65 :) and he will walk into trees and bushes and lay on the ground to get perfect pictures!! Beyond impressed and delighted. Thank you, Paul, for everything!! Lauren & Ryan Wedding 11/19/2016

I highly recommend Paul! He is amazing and spent the time to get to know my fiancé and I and he really put us at ease! Paul has no hidden fees and he even suggested a cheaper photography package than I was initially expecting to choose. He is also extremely responsive with email (and will answer any email within 12 hours!). We are not comfortable in front of the camera, but Paul made it so easy for us! He has such great positive energy and a great eye for perfect backgrounds and so creative! I can't stop looking at all our beautiful photos and love every one of them! :) Jenny & Nick Wedding 11/10/2016

Paul was an incredible photographer for our wedding at Sleepy Hollow in Vermont! He made the planning process painless and he was always available to answer any questions. He made everything so easy for us from start to finish. On the day of the wedding, Paul managed to perfectly capture and document the story of the day. His lightheartedness was much appreciated by everyone and Paul made taking the post-ceremony shots effortless and we were on to our reception in no time. Paul managed to capture so many great moments throughout the day and we absolutely love all our photos! Sarah & Matt Wedding 11/5/2016

Having Paul as our photographer turned a great day into a perfect day! From the very beginning, before we even booked our date, Paul impressed us with his prompt replies; he will get back to you when he says he will, even if it means he's writing emails at 2am after working a wedding to follow up! You don't get much more professional, top notch dedication than that! Paul is extremely patient, understanding, and knowledgeable of the wedding industry - which any wedding planning crazed couple can appreciate! With many ties in the industry, he is well-known and respected by many, and provided us with other fantastic vendors (again - another great help when you are lost in the black hole of wedding planning and so many choices). When the big day finally got there, he was able to help guide us through the day, kept us on time, and captured the beauty of our intimate Castle wedding. He is very quick and efficient! He will work with you, your family, friends, vendors, etc. to make sure your special day is the way you want it! He really listens and makes it a point to learn who is who, and will call everyone by name - very impressive and appreciated by many!! Danny and I have the utmost respect for Paul, and hope we will have a chance to work with him again in the future! Emily & Danny Wedding 10/16/2016

Paul was the absolute best!!! We had some things that did not go as planned for our wedding, with exception of Paul. He delivered on everything he promised and knocked it out of the park!! We both have very large families and there were so many requests, but Paul made it happen and always had a big smile on his face. He was absolutely awesome with the kids and we are so happy with the way he conducted himself and his business. He was also a tremendous help ensuring we were all ready and went above and beyond what our expectations were. We would highly recommend him for every event you have and can say with 100% certainty that you will be beyond impressed!! Thank you for everything Paul!! Lauren & Josh Wedding 10/15/2017

Paul was brilliant! His orchestration of the entire day was excellent and all of the details of the day were documented and he didn’t miss anything. He is a terrific guy with a lot of energy, and he makes the picture taking process really fun and exciting. He talked to us at different moments so that we could enjoy special moments as bride and groom and not miss anything. And, so many of our guests complimented on how great he was. Thank you Paul for making our day at The Century House so special!! Michele & Mike Wedding 10/14/2016

Paul photographed our wedding in Lake Placid and we were so happy with the day's events! Friends and family had many compliments for him because he made everyone feel very comfortable and helped to keep the day on track. Not an easy task :) Our bridal party was full of big personalities, toddlers, and dogs and he was able to capture all of the moments to help us preserve the memories. We love all our teaser pictures and highly recommend Paul for all of your wedding photography needs! Kerri & Erik Wedding 10/1/2016

We were looking for a photographer that was both talented and would work with our budget. I had read previous reviews about Paul on this site and was impressed by his work, but also that clients stated he gave them space to enjoy their wedding. His website gave us many budget options. Well let me tell you that Paul was an absolute joy to work with. From the beginning, he was very professional, gave us the options we wanted, contacted us prior to the wedding as a reminder (thank goodness with all that has to be planned) and asked what our expectation were of him. He also had many great suggestions. On our wedding day we were so pleased with all the photos he took and we also enjoyed our wedding and guests as we should. Also, just to let you know, Paul has a great sense of humor which puts everyone at ease and got wonderful smiles! Several of my friends have asked about our photographer and I was delighted to forward his contact information along. Denise & Patrick Wedding 9/25/2016

It was a wonderful experience working with Paul! From the initial meet we felt very comfortable with Paul being our photographer for our special day in Vermont. He made sure to highlight and place extra attention on the people, items and moments that meant the most to my groom and myself. His pricing was also very reasonable! Something hard to find these days! We took our engagement photos with Paul as well and he did a phenomenal job; this made us feel extra confident in the choice we made for our photographer. He was amazing on our wedding day and everyone couldn’t believe how nice he was. He's the best! Ashley & Nick Wedding 9/24/2016

We got married at The Century House and Paul is such a great photographer! He got all the pictures we wanted for our wedding from the first-look all the way to the cake cutting. He took pictures of our family and even got my young nieces to smile which isn’t easy. He has a great personality and makes you laugh and feel very relaxed. I would highly recommend Paul as a photographer for your wedding! Colleen & Scott Wedding 9/18/2017

After meeting with countless photographers that were trying to push their fancy (and not to mention expensive) wedding packages on me, I noticed that Paul Saunders' name kept popping up on various popular wedding planning sites. His name was accompanied by what seems like hundreds of five-star reviews and praise for his work- and they were all right. Paul's personality, professionalism, attention to detail, and talent are unmatched. He is extremely personable- knowing everyone's name in my bridal party and on both sides of the immediate family. This is something that you don't think of, but it made our experience so much more personal and pleasant when Paul referred to each person, even grandparents, by name. Paul kept our day flowing smoothly at Hunter Mountain and without worry, which is very important for us brides! He was extremely flexible, quick to respond to any questions I had leading up to the wedding, and more importantly wasn't "in our face" throughout the reception. If there's something I hate it's being at a wedding and have to stop dancing or being told to move out of the way so the photographer could get a good shot, but not Paul. He was wonderful and our pictures are absolutely amazing :) Kristen & Mike Wedding 9/17/2016

Paul was absolutely amazing!!!! From our first meeting with him, my husband and I were completely at ease. He made the process so easy! He is very quick with his communication, which is great as I fired off 30 emails with questions/concerns ;) He completely understood what we were going for in terms of being natural and, honestly, just made everything super easy and simple for us. Our guests loved him at our reception at Longfellows. They kept coming up to us saying how great he was. EVERYONE should hire him as their photographer!!! We cannot say enough good things about our experience. Ellie & Kyle Wedding 9/9/2016

Throughout the wedding planning process, Paul was responsive and very professional. I always appreciated how I never had to wait for answers to any questions. We had our wedding at Jimbo’s (at Point O’Pines) and the day of the wedding Paul arrived when he said that he would, and he was very kind and patient with everyone. My parents loved him! In fact, he was the only vendor that they commented on, whispering "I like him a lot.... good job!". My Mom could not take enough pictures with her old camera and I told her to stop because Paul was there. Paul was so nice though and told her that it was absolutely ok, she could take pictures too. They even had a selfie together! It is obvious that Paul has photographed many weddings as he was knowledgeable about things beyond photography when asked. I would definitely highly recommend Paul Saunders! Katie & Kevin Wedding 9/3/2016

We absolutely loved working with Paul for our wedding at The Mountain Top Inn in Vermont. He was amazing! Not to mention, very professional, friendly and efficient. All our guests were raving about him! Compared to other photographer options we were looking at, Paul offered exception value for our Thursday wedding date and worked with us to give us a military discount! I would definitely recommend Paul! Not only does he take beautiful pictures but he makes sure everyone has a fun time during the process! Amy & Danny Wedding 9/1/2016

Paul was absolutely amazing throughout - from our very first phone call to the event on our wedding day in The Berkshires. Paul was not only an incredible photographer, he actually helped me immensely as I planned for the big day. He advised me about so many different details that I would not have thought about on my own - I found I was So very grateful to him well before any actual photographs were taken. He helped me with details as small as what kinds of material to avoid in a summer suit for my husband and as big as how to position the chairs for the ceremony to allow for the best photo opportunities. When Paul arrived at our venue - my sister's home - he knew everyone's name by heart and was taking shots and helping us with everything from the moment we said hello. I cannot recommend him highly enough - he offers a huge range of photo packages and is extremely professional and knowledgeable - and he is funny and fun and a huge help to wedding planning. Paul was simply amazing to work with from start to finish - I just wish I could relive the day because it truly was the best day of my life! Susannah & Herbie Wedding 8/27/2016

Paul Saunders was an absolute delight to work with and we can't recommend him enough! Paul was very easy to get a hold of whenever we had questions – we were always impressed by how quickly he responded to emails. On our wedding day, Paul arrived on time and kept everyone on schedule, and his upbeat personality and GREAT sense of humor kept everyone smiling throughout the evening. We had several children in our wedding (two flower girls and a ring bearer), and Paul worked so well with them and got them all to listen which they don’t usually do very well! We heard so many positive comments from family and friends about Paul during our wedding – he was so professional and just a very friendly and very likeable guy. (Also, for a top professional photographer, it's tough to beat his pricing!) If you're looking for a wedding photographer that does everything right, choose Paul and you will be delighted! Meridi & James Wedding 8/26/2016

Paul is just wonderful to work with! As mother of the bride - (with the bride out of town) - he made the process very easy before the wedding and answered all questions quickly and was so helpful. The day of the wedding he kept everything moving - we had a plan and knew it was going to be difficult with time, but he kept right to it! Took all the pictures we wanted and then some! I never saw him throughout the ceremony and reception at Glen Sanders Mansion, but the pictures he captured were awesome! Both the bride and groom have so many pictures to choose from with every moment of their special day captured! The picture thank you notes are fabulous with many compliments given by family and friends. The entire process with this photographer is very professional and full of fun! If you are looking for a creative photographer who knows how to work with people in a wonderful friendly way, then Paul is the one for you! Eileen (for Amy & Alex) Wedding 8/20/2016

Booking Paul for our wedding at Pat’s Barn was one of the best choices my husband and I could have made! He is easy going, full of ideas and responsive to any need and suggestion you may have! During the planning process he quickly responded to any questions or concerns, provided recommendations for other vendors, and gave advice about every area of our wedding we could think of. On our wedding day he took charge and made sure everyone was where they needed to be, helped the men with the boutonnieres, and made all of our wedding guests laugh while they were waiting for the ceremony to start! He had our group shots done quickly to ensure that we could participate in our cocktail hour, and he made sure that we were given drinks, cooled down when needed and in the right place at the right time! He has a variety of pricing options to meet every need as well! Our guests could not stop talking about him and how fantastic he was! We also booked our engagement photos with Paul prior to the wedding and those were absolutely amazing! The perfect mix of natural, silly and serious, without being too cheesy. If you are looking for a kind, hilarious, responsive person to take beautiful photos for your wedding, you will not regret choosing Paul Saunders! Brittany & Nick Wedding 8/14/2016

I could not have been more thrilled to have Paul taking our wedding pictures. I was planning my wedding from out of town and did not know many vendors in the Adirondacks. I used Wedding Wire to find Paul, and his reviews convinced me to contact him. He is incredibly prompt in response to his emails, which was really important to me as an out of town bride. And a few weeks leading up to the wedding, we had a nice phone conversation where he asked all about our families and names of everyone involved in the wedding and sure enough, come wedding day, he knew everyone's names!! It was such a special touch. He is incredibly flexible - I wasn't quite ready yet for pictures the morning of the wedding so he went off to find the groom and groomsmen (also on site) until I was ready and never rushed me. He takes a variety of fun, posed pictures as well as many candid photos. He is very in tune with what you are looking for in your photographs and makes sure he captures that. He provided great direction to everyone as well, so pictures moved really quickly and the bridal party was able to have a few minutes to themselves in between pictures and cocktail hour starting. I did the wedding-by-the-hour package and had Paul for 11 hours which gave us a lot of picture son our flash drive. He has a LOT of choices and options and really like that. Truly a great photographer! Paul thank you so much for being a part of and capturing our special day! We are truly delighted with everything. Meghan & Seth Wedding 8/13/2016

Paul was a wonderful asset to our wedding day! His bubbly personality had everyone laughing all the time. He is extremely organized and will make sure pictures are done quickly and efficiently. He listens to the bride's wants and needs and doesn’t miss anything. We had our reception at the Sky Armory (in Syracuse) and were able to enjoy our cocktail hour and reception because all the formal pictures were taken after the ceremony and in between. We also did our engagement shoot with Paul at Turning Stone and that was an amazing experience. It’s awesome because Paul gives you a flash drive and you own all the pictures! I would recommend Paul to everyone:) Ashley & Geoff Wedding 8/7/2016

We had a very non-traditional wedding in Lake Placid. Paul was VERY adaptable to everything we wanted to do. He met us after our hike up Whiteface to take some beautiful and fun pictures on top of the mountain. Then he switched gears and took some awesome pictures of our wedding ceremony, family and friends at our reception on Mirror Lake. Paul also offered very helpful advice to make our special day move along smoothly. All of our guests loved Paul and I would highly recommend him!! We love our pictures!! Pam & Andres Wedding 7/30/2016

We got married at The Hiland Country Club and there are not enough words to describe how wonderful Paul was on our special day. He made our photographs fun and fulfilled every and any picture we wanted taken on our big day. He was professional, respectful, funny and took some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. We got our teaser pictures the day after our wedding!! He made our day just that much more special. We had open communication throughout the whole planning process and Paul got to know us and our families. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would. He was simply amazing! You should definitely book Paul if you want the best! Danielle & Niko Wedding 7/18/2016

Look no further!! Paul is not only great at what he does, he is very professional and incredibly friendly! His tips and advice he sends in the weeks leading up to the wedding were a great help! He sees everything and by his experience he prepares you and we were able to enjoy our wedding even more! Not only was Paul a great photographer, he had great coordination and was quite entertaining throughout our wedding! All of our guests raved about how awesome he was! I'm so lucky to have found him AND we love our teaser pictures!! Paul is very outgoing, personable, friendly, and was always making people laugh! Simply put, he was outstanding!! We enjoyed sharing our special day with Paul! Jessica & Jesse Wedding 7/16/2016

Paul did an amazing job and worked really well with my family and friends to get beautiful pictures taken quickly. In all honesty, I don't really enjoy having my picture taken, but Paul made it an enjoyable time for all with some VERY cute poses! Everyone was laughing and having a blast. Planning long distance (from Chesapeake, VA) for our Saratoga wedding wasn’t easy, but I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with! He definitely helped make my wedding day perfect in so many ways and a LOT less stressful too. And we love all our teaser shots we got the day after!! Analea & Blake Wedding 7/11/2016

Paul was such a pleasure to work with. We got married in Burlington at Arts Riot and his confidence and knowledge helped make our wedding day a smooth event from start to finish. He adapted to weather concerns (it rained a lot :) with ease and managed the crowd with aplomb. Thank you so much Paul for helping us memorialize our special day so beautifully! Suzie & Paul Wedding 7/10/2016

Paul was an excellent photographer to work with. Leading up to the big day, Paul kept in contact and provided many helpful hints to ensure our special day went off without a hitch! The weddings-by-the-hour package was perfectly priced and the special price for our engagement shoot, was the cherry on top! For a couple who has never enjoyed their photos being taken, Paul was the perfect choice! Between our crazy wedding schedule and less than cooperative wedding party - Paul kept us all on track, kept the wedding party together before and after the ceremony, and was able to capture great shots along the way. Plus, we even made it to our venue (Hayloft on the Arch) in time for cocktail hour which was a huge bonus for us! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for an open-minded, creative, and reasonably priced photographer who provides a genuinely wonderful experience! We love our teaser pictures!! Krystal & Paul Wedding 7/9/2016

Paul did an amazing job at making everybody feel comfortable! Our family and friends loved him! He was very attentive and I never really knew he was there (aside from the photos that were actually posed of course which he did quickly as we didn’t want to miss our reception). We had our engagement photos with him too and they turned out great plus we love our wedding teaser pictures! We had full rights for all photos right away without having to worry about copyright issues. He offers great packages that include a lot of options and extras! We compared him to many others and are VERY happy that we chose him! He is wonderful!! Caitlin & Zach Wedding 7/1/2016

Kevin and I loved having Paul as our photographer! We hired him for our engagement session and our wedding and could not be happier. His determination to know us as a couple was appreciated greatly and so different to other photographers we talked to. He responds super-fast and was super-cooperative throughout the entire wedding. He's an absolute ninja with a camera and was everywhere for every moment without getting in the way!! We had such a great time working with him on both occasions and would hire him again in a heartbeat. We cannot say it enough how happy we are with his work.  When I looked at all our amazing pictures they made me cry tears of pure happiness :) Alicia & Kevin Wedding 6/26/2016

Paul went above and beyond all our expectations for our wedding at Longfellows in Saratoga. He is a master of his craft, a true gentleman, and takes pride in his work. He put the entire wedding party (and are families) at ease and made sure all the special photos were done quickly without rushing us. His suggestions were spot on and our wedding photos are simply astonishing. He captured our day perfectly. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul to anyone anytime as he is truly amazing. Sallie & Paul Wedding 6/25/2016

Paul was such an amazing choice for photographer on our wedding day at Belhurst Castle - he not only was an expert at his job but assisted coordinating all of my vendors and bridal party members to ensure the best possible wedding experience for us. I'm pretty sure he memorized the (extensive) list of family/bridal party names and relationships as well, as he knew exactly who to call in for the right photos the whole day!! He helped keep us on schedule and made sure we were set up to enjoy our wedding while still getting all the important memories and photos. He is truly a seasoned professional and was so flexible, responsive, and helpful throughout. Everyone at my wedding had great things to say about him- and he kept us laughing the entire day! Can't imagine anything he could have done better!! Thank you Paul for being so amazing!!! Alix & Ron Wedding 6/19/2016

Paul did both our engagement and wedding photos and was absolutely exceptional to work with. We're both shy people and he really made us feel very comfortable around the camera. He is wonderful at gathering everyone for group photos and seemed to be everywhere at once the whole night to capture every little moment! He goes above and beyond being "just a photographer" - helping with everything from getting the boutonnieres pinned on our bridal party (and dads) to working directly with the venue staff at Beardslee Castle if we needed anything. Paul's Weddings-by-the-Hour package was VERY reasonable and his turn around time for photos is excellent. We can't recommend him enough to all our newly engaged friends. Quick update as we received our photos yesterday and they came out absolutely beautiful. We were amazed at how Paul managed to be everywhere at once to capture so many moments of the day and didn’t miss anything. Thank you so much for making our wedding memories so incredibly wonderful! Lynne & Josh Wedding 6/17/2016

Paul Saunders was the best!! He really captured everything we wanted on our wedding day and also did our engagement pictures at Turning Stone too. His work really is second to none and we love all our pictures!! Tons of enthusiastic energy and makes everyone very relaxed!! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone!! Colleen & Paul Wedding 6/12/2016

Paul was a complete professional right from the start. At the ceremony he treated us (and our children) like celebrities. He remembered all our family's names and was a genuine pleasure to work with. The photos all came out amazing and we couldn’t be more delighted with everything. Tracey & Joel Wedding 6/10/2016

Paul shot our wedding at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga as well as some engagement photos for us last October. Before hiring, we met Paul for a casual chat, where he discussed with us what we wanted and he showed us some of his work. We were instantly impressed with his portfolio, philosophy of the photographer’s role in the wedding, and his great prices for the quality of work he offered. We decided very quickly after leaving that we would go with Paul, and that turned out to be one of the best decisions we made, vendor-wise, regarding the wedding. We had the discussion, multiple times, that, aside from the groom’s brother, who performed the wedding, Paul was the only person we hired who caused us no trouble and was completely on-the-ball the entire time. From the beginning, Paul was very organized, communicative, friendly, and up-front. Paul also applied no pressure and gave us plenty of time to choose what package we ultimately wanted. We decided to go with the “weddings by the hour” option, which was very flexible and a great value. For just $150 more, we had a great engagement photo shoot which allowed us an opportunity to work with Paul before the wedding, and get a more personal taste of his photos. At his suggestion, we later chose some of our favorite photos and showed them to him so he had a better idea of what we liked for the wedding day. The actual wedding day was a breeze. He was prompt, had learned everyone’s name, and, as promised, took a number of pictures of us, our families, and groomsmen/bridesmaid’s immediately following the ceremony. After that, he let us go enjoy cocktail hour and the reception and the photos for the rest of the night were much more candid which we love. Overall, working with Paul was a great experience, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others we know who are getting married. We are absolutely delighted. Caitlin & Jonathan Wedding 6/5/2016

I can't say enough wonderful things about Paul! He worked with me before the big day to make sure he understood what we were looking for with our wedding photography. It was obvious, even in our early meetings, how he truly loves what he does, one of the reason's we settled on him in the first place. He moved the bridal party along the day of the wedding to make sure that we got the shots needed and still kept on us our tight timetable. He managed the large family group shots with ease and had everyone laughing, and there is nothing I love more than getting genuine smiles in photos! Paul's quick responses to emails and thoroughness allowed me to focus on other tasks, and keeping the bride at ease was huge to me the days before and the day of the wedding. I am still getting comments from the bridal party and guests about how charming and friendly he was, and the quantity and quality of photos he was able to get throughout the entire day! I would hire him again in a heartbeat as so delighted! Jessica & Scott Wedding 6/4/2016

Paul photographed our engagement shoot and our wedding and I would highly recommend him. He is amazing! I was anxious the day of the wedding and he helped me to feel at such ease. My favorite thing about Paul is he is great with taking candid photographs as well as all the family pics. We also had our dog included in the engagement shoot and wedding and Paul did a great job at getting our dog's attention and having him in the photos which was huge for us. Many people approached me at the wedding saying how much they loved our photographer. He makes it so fun for everyone! Jess & Jeff Wedding 5/29/2016

Paul was absolutely fantastic - we had so many of our guests come up to us during or after the wedding and ask about his services. His super energetic personality gets everyone else excited to take photos during the wedding and encouraged the wedding party to take photos we wouldn't normally have done. On the flip side, he was very welcoming to suggestions and went with the flow for any photo requests. The day of, it's great to have an experienced photographer who knows how to keep everything on schedule as well - it seems something so small, but with Paul there, we were able to get photos at every location at the Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Vermont we wanted and were still able to make it to our cocktail hour. He gave great tips before the wedding and made us think about things we wouldn't normally have thought of. His response turnaround was always within the day. If you are looking for a quality photographer who really enjoys what he does, then Paul is your guy. Would recommend for any event as he is amazing! Lauren & Sam Wedding 5/27/2016

Paul Saunders photographed our May 2016 wedding, and we couldn't have dreamed of a better photographer for our special day. My husband and I enjoyed working with Paul from our first phone calls and meeting months before the wedding to the last photograph taken at the reception. Paul's wedding experience is evident in his eye for detail and many suggestions for personalizing the wedding that extend beyond just the photography. Paul took time to get to know us as a couple and get a strong sense of the style and feel we were aiming for in our wedding. Our families were impressed that he made sure to know the names of our attendants, parents, and grandparents. Paul arranged traditional photos and used his creativity for some fun and interesting pictures as well. We could tell how he was inspired by the setting, as he got started with some creative pre-ceremony photos as soon as he arrived at our venue. In our wedding party and family photos, he got everyone laughing and smiling genuinely. I'm usually very uncomfortable in front of a camera, but I felt much more natural and relaxed because of Paul's fun personality. He is all about capturing the special moments and we LOVE our preview pictures! As an expert wedding photographer, Paul worked efficiently to capture all of the photos we wanted, but to still ensure that my husband and I had the time to enjoy our day and spend time with our guests and not miss our reception. We were also very happy with the selection of print/album packages to choose from and the option to add "by-the-hour" photography as well. He offers great flexibility to fit every budget. We highly recommend Paul with absolutely no reservations! Meaghan & Ben Wedding 5/22/2016

Booking Paul Saunders was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. After meeting him at several wedding shows and reading the repeated phenomenal reviews online, we knew he was the right man for the job. He turned out to live up to everything we hoped and more! Not only is he affordable, but he was a pleasure working with and made the entire day effortless. We used his weddings-by-the-hour package to book him for 7.5 hours, which included 3 hours prior to the wedding to get as many of the standard family and wedding party pictures completed prior to the ceremony. Paul took full advantage of this and actually made the entire time leading up to our wedding ceremony fun, entertaining and completely relaxing. Throughout the ceremony and reception, Paul blended right in and was able to shoot many fantastic candid photos. After the wedding, almost every person had two reactions: (1) Expressing how much fun they had and (2) raving about how BRILLIANT the photographer was! Paul has a fantastic eye as well as a wonderful sense of humor and we cannot express our gratitude for his efforts. We would absolutely recommend Paul for any occasion and many of our family and friends are keeping his name and contact information in mind for future reference. Thank you Paul, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you!!! Chelsea & Alec Wedding 5/21/2016

Paul Saunders is an amazing photographer. He is professional and courteous. On our wedding day, he made sure to get all the "posed" photos over as quickly as possible so we could enjoy the rest of our reception. He also helped keep us on target with the time frame for the ceremony which was no small feat. After those photos, he was like a ninja, snapping tons of wonderful candids. He has been a dream to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the best. Sara & Dan Wedding 5/15/2016

We were VERY happy with the services provided by Paul Saunders! He was so easy to work with while we were out of town planning the whole wedding, and was organized and concise on our calls prior to the wedding. We could tell right away that he had a passion for photography. On the day of the wedding, he was a great asset to my husband and I, as we tend to be more laid back and indecisive. Paul was able to take control of the family and wedding party and ensure pictures got done quickly and efficiently. He was able to make us laugh while doing so, and appreciated his kind manner in which he got through pictures quickly so we could enjoy our families and friends. We can’t wait to see all our pictures!! Lisa & Tim Wedding 5/8/2016

Paul Saunders is AMAZING! If you have the privilege of meeting him at any bridal shows or vendors shows you should book him right there! In the beginning stages of planning our wedding we saved and pinned many different wedding photo ideas, at that point we did not know which photographer shot these fantastic and creative ideas, until we went to a bridal show at Longfellows! This is where we first met Paul, and what caught our eye were all the photos Paul had on display, a majority of them we had saved and pinned previously. Once we met Paul we knew that he loved what he does and you can see it in his photos, right there we knew that we wanted Paul Saunders as our photographer. Our wedding was not supposed to be until 2017 and when we decided to move it up 2016, we thought there was no way we are going to get Paul, but we emailed and anxiously awaited a response, truly believing that he was going to say he was booked up. We received a quick response and scheduled a meeting with Paul and we booked him right there! The best decision we made. Paul's packages are affordable and there are packages to for every single budget! We booked Paul for 6 hours and he arrived early to get the best shots (shots that we gave him little to no direction on). When our 6 hours were up Paul did not rush out the door or stop his watch and say "see ya." He came over to us and thanked us for hiring him and said he would be on his way. We looked around about 30 min after that and he was still there taking more and more shots. My bridal party and everyone attending absolutely LOVED Paul! They kept asking us where we found such an amazing photographer. He is kind and very, very attentive. He gets great shots without being seen (it is very impressive) The whole process with him is relaxed and fun! If there was an option of giving more stars we would have given Paul a 10 out of 10! He is absolutely BRILLIANT! Nicole & Christopher Wedding 4/29/2016

Paul was absolutely awesome from start to finish. He was super-responsive, super-accommodating, flexible, and (this is actually really important) cheerful and very pleasant all the time. He knew we didn't want to spend the whole cocktail hour taking photos, and he accommodated as much as he could. He directed people with the precision of a general, but always with a smile and a joke. He did everything with that smile, which helps, because our wedding required him to herd cats. Paul answered every one of my emails in a very timely fashion, and he accommodated us by moving some pictures to later in the night so we could enjoy our wedding and not miss being together with everyone. Your photographer is a difficult choice, but I promise you won't be disappointed with Paul! I will add that my parents really liked him and they are not easily impressed. They thought he did an amazing job, especially with some big personalities in our wedding party. Regina & Eric Wedding 4/30/2016

We feel so fortunate to have found Paul during our search for a wedding photographer! As many couples can probably understand, the search can be arduous and make you feel like you are buying a used car. I was really shocked at how some of the photographers we spoke with were incredibly rude and condescending when they learned that we actually had a budget (how shocking!) and didn't want things like a videographer. What we wanted were quality photographs and most importantly a photographer with a good personality that would fit in well with our guests....and then we found Paul. Not only is Paul extremely talented but he understands that not everyone is looking to spend their last penny on their wedding. Paul was willing to work with us and customize a package that suited our needs and our budget. During this process, Paul was extremely helpful and never more than a phone call or e-mail away whenever we had questions about the process or ideas of photographs that we wanted to capture. We ended up hiring Paul to do our engagement photographs over the Summer and upon seeing them we were really impressed by the pictures. We knew there would be great things to come at the wedding and Paul did not disappoint! We were SO thrilled with Paul that my wife recommended him to her sister for her upcoming wedding and she booked one of his staff. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for an amazing photographer that will listen to their requests as opposed to forcing a couple into a pre-designated package with options they don't want or need. If we ever find ourselves in need of a photographer again... we will only call Paul! Allie & Jeff Wedding 4/9/2016

Paul photographed our wedding on Friday April 8, 2016 in Albany. A week before the wedding he contacted us for all the information including all the details on my huge family. He was spot on and knew all their names plus got all the pictures we asked for and more we never thought to get. He was very organized and made sure everything went on schedule and as planned. I will highly recommend to anyone needing a photographer. Can't wait to see our sneak peek pictures tomorrow. UPDATE… OMG. Thank you SOOOO much. They came out AMAZING. I can't wait to see the rest. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Blaine & CJ Wedding 4/8/2016

We could not have possibly been happier with our photographer! Everything from Paul was professional and timely, and our pictures are beautiful! Paul did everything he could to make our wedding day so wonderful and have pictures to prove it! In the hectic time of planning a wedding and working full time, one of the things I appreciated the most was that he provided email reminders of payments due, info needed, etc. I know I started to feel very stressed getting everything done, and Paul's organization and clarity in communications really helped ease that stress! We also had a phone call the week of the wedding to go over logistics, which helped to ease nerves and ensure a smooth day. Having a destination wedding in Burlington, Paul also knew all the best spots to go and take pictures by the waterfront and breweries! It was amazing because we had one less item to research! We would work with Paul anytime as he went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect and we know he would do the same for any couple!. He is just wonderful! Annie & Nathan Wedding 4/2/2016

Paul is wonderful! He shot our wedding at Glen Sanders Mansion and I never ever write reviews, but for Paul, I must rave about him because he was amazingly friendly, energetic, kind, and definitely added to the fun of our wedding day. He memorized all of the wedding party guest's names and family member’s names and he was attentive to all our needs for meetings ahead of the day and for all wanted pictures the day of the wedding. Highly recommend him!!!! Maribeth & Joseph Wedding 3/20/2016

Paul Saunders is beyond perfection in every way! Having a small, intimate second wedding, as well as a destination wedding in Vermont from New Jersey, we needed to select everything from a distance, while putting a huge amount of trust into all of our vendors and the reviews from strangers to help us find our way. From the very first, and immediate, response to the ongoing emails and friendship we've made...we hit one out of the park with finding Paul! He is beyond all of the items you expect to check off of your list in the kind of photography you want for such a special day, but he is the kindest human being you will ever meet. He made each and every one of our guests at ease and they are still commenting on how wonderful he was! Just one week after our wedding, we unexpectedly lost our father, who was in Vermont with us just one week prior, happy and healthy as could be. In our devastation, we reached out to Paul to send us every picture he could find with him in it, although our pictures weren't due to be ready yet. This was above and beyond what any contract or package would ever include, but without any hesitation, Paul had pictures to us within the hour. Taking his personal time to help comfort us in our grief was just tremendous and we cannot thank him enough! We got a little peek into what the rest of the photos would be, and well, they are simply dreamy! Friends say they look like the cover of a magazine! We had a very foggy, wintery day, but with Paul's talented eye, he helped us rearrange our ceremony site just minutes before our guests were to arrive...all just to capture the best angle for lighting and background due to the weather. He was spot on and the results are stunning! I could go on and on about this incredible photographer and person. If I still have your attention as you've been reading this...stop your search for the perfect photographer and call Paul! I promise you will not be disappointed! Dana & Anthony Wedding 1/16/2016

I first met Paul a year ago in Lake Placid, NY and one year later we met again on our special day in Lake Placid at the beautiful Whiteface Lodge. I cannot say enough good things about Paul! His professionalism, attention to detail and his passion for photography. All truly amazing. I could not be happier with his services and willingness to go above and beyond. He was on top of his game all while being friendly and accommodating to our every need. His timing was impeccable right down to our wedding sparkler entrance. He even captured the sprinkling of snow for the brief moment-knowing my Dad was present! I cannot thank him enough for sharing our special day with us. Family and Friends are still talking about Paul! And he will be a positive conversation for years to come. Thank you!! Jill & Rob Wedding 11/20/2015

Paul was absolutely amazing! He definitely knows everything there is about weddings and gave us great pointers along the way that we never would have thought of. He was very professional, but had a great sense of humor and got along with everyone. He made sure to know the family members and get the pictures we asked, even in the spur of the moment if I asked. He also knew how to navigate sensitive situations as we did not want some boyfriend/girlfriends in family pictures. No one even knew when he got them out of the picture. Paul was amazing to work with, takes amazing photographs, and ALL of our guests loved him and couldn't compliment him enough. Susan & Steven Wedding 10/17/2015

First let me just start off by saying Paul is INCREDIBLE and you should look no further for a photographer! Paul was such a great asset to our wedding team. He is so charismatic and truly passionate about what he does and it really set the whole wedding party into such great frame of mind. He was so great to help everyone move along quickly after the ceremony so we would be able to get to cocktail hour without feeling pressured or rushed at all. At first I was skeptical that Paul normally did not work with an assistant as the other photographers insisted on having a second photographer. He does not need it; I swear this man can teleport. I remember at one point seeing Paul giving tips to a guest how to get a better angle with their cell phone when taking a picture. He was so great and interactive with the entire crowd. Paul was the last photographer we met with. Our first meeting with Paul was in a Starbucks casually talking and looking at photos which was very different than meeting in the studio of others. The others we met with always made us felt like "look how great we are!" and after meeting with Paul he gave us the feeling of "this is how great you will look." He sold us on his genuine and sincere interest of who we were as people. Paul is a class act with excellent skills at a very reasonable price. You will not regret choosing him to be your photographer. Kaiti & Mike Wedding 10/11/2015

My fiancé and I recently had the pleasure of having Paul take our engagement photos. Paul knew a great setting for the shoot (The Crossings of Colonie), and from the moment we arrived, he was already working to find the best angles and lighting. We both immediately felt at ease working with Paul – he has a lot of great energy, and gives a lot of great direction as well. He knows what poses and expressions will look good, and does it all while still making the photos look very natural. We brought a number of props to use, and Paul managed to work each one into our photos. Paul knew how to pace the photo shoot, and always kept us moving without feeling rushed. Our photos turned out beautifully and truly captured the fun, romantic atmosphere of the shoot. I highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography, and can't wait to have Paul take our wedding photos next summer! Meridi & Jim Wedding 8/26/2016

Paul Saunders is an absolute darling to work with and we absolutely love our pictures!!. From the moment Paul arrived at the wedding it felt as if he was a part of the family. He learned all of the bridesmaid’s names and accommodated my mother with her every request (this is a mighty feat)! Paul is also magnificent at keeping everyone on schedule, he's like a 2nd wedding planner :) I would highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography for any/all of your occasions. He is wonderful and you will fall in love from the moment he opens his mouth! Thank you Paul for being so amazing and making our day perfect!! Jackie & Brandon Wedding 9/27/2015

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Paul. When we were looking for our photographer, he came right to our home to meet with us. After our initial meeting we knew he was the right choice for us. Our engagement session was fun and full of energy, and we got our flash drive in a couple weeks. He took so many great photos, it was hard to pick our favorites. During our wedding he was professional, helpful with picture suggestions, and worked very well with my husband's divorced parents. Paul had checked with us ahead of time about what pictures were important to us, and what pictures we wanted. We chose to do first look so that we could enjoy our cocktail hour. Paul made sure he was efficient and didn't make us stand around for hours waiting. We had an unplugged ceremony to make sure Paul got great pictures, and from the moment I entered the room, I didn't even notice him, he did a great job not being distracting. During cocktail hour and the reception he was everywhere, you would have thought there were at least 2 of him! And the answer was never "no," anything we wanted, we got. He got some great group shots of our extended families, as well as fantastic action shots, such as our daughter tackling our nephew in the middle of the dance floor! The best part, is that we own the rights to all of our photos and can print additional copies, or use them for Christmas cards, etc, as often as we would like!    Kathleen & Colin Wedding 9/4/2015

I fully and highly recommend Paul Saunders photography. He photographed my wedding in Lake Placid, N.Y., and did an incredible job! He took control of our large family and bridal party and kept things moving smoothly. He calmed us when we got nervous and even helped in taking initiative in getting people situated. He made sure he knew about our family and day and asked us questions that made us know he truly cared about us so that he captured our day exactly how we wanted. He went above and beyond for our wedding and the photos he took came out beautiful!!! My family even had comments about how wonderful they thought Paul was and I am the fifth of my siblings to be married. The photos are wonderful and while we received them awhile ago, we are sharing them now with our family and everyone is just so happy! Thank you Paul for capturing our day, I cannot recommend him enough, for being so professional, courteous, taking charge, being quick to respond to any questions, and for genuinely caring about us and our big day. Chrissy & Sara Wedding 7/17/2015

We selected Paul as our wedding photographer and decided to take advantage of the amazing package he offered for engagement pictures. Paul was always quick to respond with any questions or concerns leading up to the shoot. We had advised Paul that we are a camera shy couple, and he made us feel more than comfortable during our shoot. The shoot was fun, relaxed, and Paul's creative ideas throughout the shoot were great! The shots were perfect and we couldn't be more pleased with the end result. We're looking forward to Paul shooting our wedding in July 2016! Krystal & Paul Wedding 7/9/2016

Paul was awesome! We had him for our barn wedding in Latham, and he did a great job. He made everyone feel comfortable and was open to suggestions of shots I was looking for both on Pinterest and on site. He knew the venue well, and knew what would work and what wouldn't both with pictures and with the ceremony itself. He was also extremely helpful in sending me a few images ahead of time so I didn't have to wait until all of the images were edited to send thank you cards out. Looking at many other photographers before booking, his prices were competitive and he was very easy to get in touch with through the whole planning process. Thanks again Paul! Bet & Brock Wedding 8/30/2015

I am extremely happy that we decided to hire Paul as our photographer for our wedding on 8/28/15. We chose to do the "wedding by the hour" option and we had him from 3 to 11pm. He was there early to set up and stayed until the very end making sure to get all of the "must take" photos and capturing the candid photos during the "dance party". One major selling point for us was the fact that you get all of your edited pictures on a flash drive with copyright to them ALL. Many photographers charge you for their time and then want to charge you again for each picture that you want to print without getting all of the pictures that they were paid to take. I think that is absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion Paul does it the correct way. You pay one price (which is VERY reasonable) and get all of YOUR pictures so that you can decide what ones you'd like to print and then you still have ALL of the pictures to view/print at any time at your leisure. He does offer the option for photo packages and printing through him as well. He exceeded my expectations in every way. He was able to get all of the photos that were important to us plus more. He was fun and energetic and was GREAT with our young niece and nephews. He was able to engage with them and get them to hold still for "serious" pictures and get them crazy for the funny ones. It is very obvious that he loves his job. He is full of great ideas and suggestions that many people may not think of on their own. I loved the fact that he knew everybody's name in our bridal party in addition to all of our parents and grandparents names. Knowing everyone's names made the whole process faster and easier for everybody involved because there were no questions regarding who needed to be where and who needed to adjust in a picture. Another thing that I absolutely loved about him is that he is very personal. Although photography is his livelihood it wasn't about him and his schedule. He genuinely was there to please you. All he wanted to do was make sure that our day was as perfect as possible and he took all of our wedding day visions and thoughts into consideration as he was planning the photo schedule. It was very important to us that we were able to be our cocktail hour and he made that happen. I highly recommend Paul Saunders Photography to anyone who is in need of a professional genuine person who loves their job and making people happy. He is amazing. Elyse & Brian Wedding 8/28/2015

We have had such a positive experience working with Paul and can't wait for him to be a part of our wedding day! From the initial meeting with Paul (where he came to meet us in our town to make it convenient for us) to the many back-and-forth emails to get the perfect location and day for our engagement photos, Paul has always been kind and professional in his effort to give us exactly what we wanted. He helped us to include our two Rottweilers in the engagement photos working to take great pictures while keeping the attention of the dogs on the camera. Paul really works to get to know his couples and it is clear that your vision becomes his vision behind the camera. We love all the photos he's sent us just days after taking them. Paul is an amazing photographer and a great person to work with during your wedding process! Kerri and Erik Wedding 10/1/2016

WOW! To all the couples out there, Paul Saunders is who you want to book! He has a 10,000 dollar skill set but is the most reasonably priced photographer available! Paul worked with my fiancé over a couple weeks to plan the surprise proposal and was thrilled with how responsive, professional, and creative he was in helping Kevin create the perfect moment. Paul was able to hide in the Yaddo gardens to capture our proposal without me having any idea until after the ring was on my finger. Paul's focus during the shoot was capturing our moment & emotion in the perfect way and the pictures we got from our engagement are breathtaking and did just that. Paul's experience is evident and the wedding planning ideas he has shared with us are just as valuable. He responds to emails almost instantly and never overlooks the important details (taking pictures on our cell phone so we could share the news with our family instantly, giving us a sneak preview of pictures the next day, mailing the PDF with over 150 stunning pictures on it promptly and we received it in the mail 3 days after the day of our engagement. We are beyond impressed and he has helped make this time in our lives truly special & have no doubt whoever books him will feel the same! Sara & Kevin Wedding 8/27/2016

We hired Paul to be our wedding photographer with his "Weddings-by-the-hour" package and could not have been happier with the service he provided. He joined my mother, sisters and I for pre-wedding photos at a close-by hotel, then went to our wedding venue and spent time with the groom. During the ceremony he made sure to get multiple angles of every picture I had requested. He took great care in capturing not only beautiful moments among my family and friends but also of the surroundings, decor and details. Paul was a true professional and worked hard to make sure the details were perfect, for example, he noticed that my sister forgot to remove a hair-tie from around her wrist which he made sure was off before pictures. Although it took a bit longer than I would have liked to receive our photos we ended up with over 2,000 beautiful shots for an extremely good value. Beyond delighted with everything. Alicia & Josh Wedding 8/1/2015

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us! You are absolutely amazing! Multiple guests let me know how awesome you were last night! Thank you so much for being very patient with some of the older and the "less cooperative" guests also! All of your efforts meant so much to us the way you made everyone smile and laugh. I really can't form words strong enough to express how amazing you are!! Thank you again for making our special day just so perfect at Longfellows! If I was there I'd give you a big hug! Thank you thank you thank you a million times over! Danielle & Tom Wedding 6/28/2015

I could not possibly recommend Paul more! He was an absolute joy to work with! He has genuine enthusiasm for what he does and it shows in the quality of his work. I was a nervous bride and I do not really enjoy getting my picture taken, but he has such a wonderful personality that he really put me at ease. He did both our engagement and wedding photos and we could not be more pleased. He is a true professional, and he truly loves what he does. He was very responsive any time I emailed him and I never had to worry about a thing. Having Paul as our photographer really did make our wedding that much more special. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Tracey & Frank Wedding 6/05/2015

I can't begin to say enough about Paul and the quality of service he provided. From the moment we met him we felt so comfortable and excited to work with him. He was super responsive to all our questions and concerns and he included ideas that certainly made for such high quality pictures. Our preview pictures were waiting for us after we returned from our honeymoon and shortly after we received over 2300 pictures to browse through. The quality is top notch. He captured moments we didn't even know happened. His personality is infectious. You won't be sorry by hiring Paul. He's simply amazing! Karry and Dean Wedding 5/23/2015

Paul was recommended to me from a former bride and he was fantastic from the very beginning. Always available to answer any and all questions, even offered great wedding planning tips aside from the photography aspect. The day of the wedding, Paul arrived and immediately got the ball rolling. His high energy really got us excited. He had wonderful recollection of our names (parents, wedding party, etc.) from just our brief phone conversation days earlier. He impressed me with different ideas he had and knows how to get the job done. He works quickly and efficiently. Our entire wedding party got to enjoy cocktail hour with our guests! The bride and groom are usually pulled in every direction and Paul never pressured us or made us feel stressed. He mentioned to us "we'll do that picture in a few minutes, you're the bride and groom, go upstairs and hide for 10 minutes if you want. Enjoy your wedding." I would absolutely recommend him for your wedding. Great guy, very pleasant and professional. Laurie and Dustin Wedding: 5/24/2015

We hired Paul for our wedding a few weeks ago and he was beyond wonderful. The pictures turned out beautifully and we got all of them (over 2000) within 2 weeks, which was amazing. Many of my friends and family have already expressed how much they love the photos and how well he captured the event. From the first time I contacted him last summer, he has been incredibly professional and responsive. I am amazed at how quickly he responds to emails and how flexible and accommodating he is. He clearly wants to get everything just right and he'll happily do whatever it takes to meet your needs and requests. When we had some post-wedding requests for changes to a few photos he was very obliging and happy to help. On our wedding day, he was excellent to work with - my bridal party loved him and commented on how friendly and relaxed he was (while still working quickly and getting everything done). He had great ideas for photos and throughout the day, he was all over the place, making sure to capture every moment. And, for one person, I'm amazed at how much he was able to get. If you quickly scroll through the 2000+ photos from the day, it almost plays like an entire movie of our wedding! I would absolutely recommend Paul for any and all photography needs. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm so glad that we had him capture our wedding day. The photos are truly spectacular and we will treasure them for years to come! Julie and Kit Wedding 5/16/2015

Paul is a dream! He really did an excellent job taking photos on our wedding day. We were both very nervous and Paul just jumped right into the process and guided us expertly. I was able to send him a few examples of photos that we would like and he was able to recreate them beautifully for us. He knew exactly how to pose us so that we would have the most beautiful pictures possible, and he really understood our needs. We're not really into the "sappy" wedding photos, we like a more classic look which Paul instantly understood. His pictures are gorgeous, I was nervous because I feel like I normally do not look like myself in photos, but he really captured the best version of myself on film. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone, he's very professional and laid back. He was even ok with the fact we brought out dog along for some of the pictures! Suzie and Bryan Wedding: 5/6/2015

We hired Paul for our wedding in January 2016. He just did our engagement photos, and we love them. Paul was great from the first time we met with him, he put us at ease and was very professional. Paul's prices are great, and you get a lot for your money. We received our flash drive with our engagement pictures within a couple days and we love all of them. He was very flexible during the shoot and did all the poses we wanted to do even though it was below zero and snowing. We felt comfortable around Paul, his personality is great and feels more like a friend than a stranger. We are very happy with Paul, and can't wait for our wedding and to see the beautiful job he will do! We would definitely recommend Paul! Brianna and Chad Wedding: 1/1/2016

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Paul to any soon-to-be married couples looking for an awesome photographer. Paul did our engagement photos, as well as our weddings photos and we could not be more pleased with the results. It is so clear that Paul genuinely loves what he does and truly cares about his clients. He made sure that everything was exactly how we wanted it (and even better!!). He has a great sense of humor and makes everyone feel so comfortable. He is super energetic and does the job with enthusiasm and excitement. It's awesome! Paul has always been extremely quick in responding to emails and our pictures came SO fast. We were told to expect the photos of our wedding in 4 weeks and amazingly had sneak peek pictures the day after our wedding and ended up receiving all 2,000 plus edited pictures in 2 weeks. They are GREAT! They came on a flash drive and also had flash drives that we were able to share with family members. Paul's prices are extremely fair and he works with couples to arrange a package that works for their budgeting needs. He is just so fantastic to work with and we highly recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing photographer!! Kimberly and Matthew Wedding: 3/14/2015

They say "first impressions are everything". I met with Paul once before my wedding, and instantly knew he was the photographer I wanted to capture our day. I had been interviewing photographers for almost a month and discovered him via an Internet search on The Knot. He was willing to travel all the way from the Capitol Region to where we were getting married near Turning Stone Casino (almost two hours away!) He kept in constant contact with me over the course of the next five months before the wedding, answering any questions I had promptly. He rang me the week of to discuss last-minute details, and the day of he arrived by the time we agreed upon at my house waiting to snap the first moments. I would recommend Paul to ANYONE. He is extremely professional, kind, courteous, knows the photos/poses to take, and with whom (will tell you where to stand and what to do, which is exactly what I needed that day, haha), he has a variety of packages to choose from which will work for any budget, and takes amazing pictures! We had our photos back within 2 weeks, on flash drives to distribute for family/friends, and a thumb drive for our own use. If you are looking for the best photographer to capture your special day, Paul Saunders is IT! Tracee & Brandon Wedding: 3/13/2015

Paul was great from the first time we met with him! He was very friendly from the start and wasn't pushy with a sales pitch and cattle prod to his most expensive package, which I found refreshing after meeting with other wedding vendors. His goal is for his clients to get what they want and what they need without destroying their budget. I found all his pricing be much more reasonable than some of the other photographers we spoke with as well plus he has more options than any of the others I spoke with. His work is high quality and he won’t try to push you into any of those real corny Photoshop cheesy pictures either. Throughout our planning Paul has been unbelievably flexible and understanding with unexpected changes in our wedding plans. I believe that Paul truly understands that part of his art is capturing the moments that he is photographing and not just making sure that everyone is in the shot. He will also respect the officiant and other wedding vendors while doing his job and isn't one of those photographers that is always right in your face snapping pictures. He is really good at capturing those moments that you always say..."I wish we had a picture of that"...with Paul...there's a good chance he got it! We highly recommend Paul and I say if you are presently looking for a him first! If you still want to meet with other photographers, go for it, but you'll be calling him back when you’re done being dragged through constant up-selling sales pitches! Jennifer and Gary Wedding: 2/14/2015