Delighted to Recommend Wedding Professionals

There are many wonderful professionals in the wedding industry I've had the pleasure of working with throughout New York and New England. Please let me know anytime I can help with ideas and suggestions. Always happy to pass along recommendations for officiants, videographers, bands, dj's, photo booths, hotels/inns/ballrooms, florists, bakeries, cars and one or two others.

In my opinion, the best plan is to contact more than one professional when you're not sure who to hire and find the service and style that is flexible to meet your needs and budget. You can usually tell right away if you make a connection. Anyone you hire should listen and be excited about working for you as part of your wedding team. Plus, return messages promptly. Okay, I'm going to jump off my soap box now and not mention anything about videographers I see occasionally who love to block the view of family and friends and stand right in front of a couple during their ceremony. 

We are 100% photography and that's all we do. Hiring professionals who are specialists in their area of expertise is generally a much better plan than gambling with 'friends-of-the-family' or the one-stop 'DJ/photographer/video bundle service' some companies offer where you never know for sure who will show up on your wedding day and/or how much experience they have.

Please email anytime with questions as always delighted to help.