Ceremony & Makeup

Mitch Frasier
Acoustic guitar, vocals, DJ

(518) 399-5507

Flawless by Tina specializes in bridal and special occasion makeup. Tina is passionate about her work and is a highly skilled artist working to transform the bride and her wedding party from ordinary to extraordinary! Tina focuses on perfection and detail that has made her one of the most sought-after wedding makeup artists in the Capital Region. Tina and her assistants routinely create looks ranging from natural and timeless, to dramatic and glamorous. Whether it’s in the privacy and comfort of your home or your hotel suite, we’re confident that the experience will be fun and unforgettable. On a personal note, Tina is fabulous at everything she does and brides absolutely LOVE her!!! She always gets makeup right and makes it fun. Easily the best!!!

Alayne Curtiss
Makeup & Stylist

(518) 885-2929

Jonathon Newell
Keyboards, guitar, vocals
(518) 747-6679

Donna Adams-Profeta
Celtic Harpist

(518) 383-3524

Elizabeth Meriweather Huntley
(518) 893-7495

Jeff Walton
Guitar, harmonica, vocals
(518) 587-4195

Maureen Connor
(518) 374-6034